Get Sir Harry Lauder in the Charts!

As we lead up to the final, there is a move underway to get the late Sir Harry Lauder’s version of Keep Right On into the charts for the week of the final.

Sir Harry Lauder - Keep Right On!
Sir Harry Lauder - Keep Right On!

If you download it from iTunes it will cost you 79p and if you download it from Amazon, it will cost of 69p.

It only needs 4,000 downloads to get into the charts and, in order to chart at the right time, you will need to download it between 14th and 19th February, so that means FROM TODAY! Make sure it is the original version. You will see, because already the popularity is increasing on iTunes. Edit by Kev.

Come on, it will be a great tribute to the man who gave us our song and also to get our song into the public conscious!


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13 Comments on Get Sir Harry Lauder in the Charts!

  1. I would really love to help out with this but unfortunately I don’t have anything to download it onto and if I am being honest I am not too sure what download actually means. The perils of getting old I’m afraid!

  2. Great..just downloaded it…looking forward to the final..going with my big brother…who has his 60th birthday the day before..!

  3. Thanks Dom, downloaded the wrong version to start with but now have the original thanks to you. I now have that and a wartime version that the great Sir Harry recorded to the troops. He apparently wrote the song on 28 December 1916 immediately after hearing of the death of his son Captain John Lauder in WW1. Gave me goosebumps thinking about that; what fortitude and courage to write such a proud and rousing anthem for the uplifting of others at a time of such devastating loss – amazing!

    Keep Right On indeed!

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