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  1. I think everyone would agree fabrice was a favourite at st andrews when he arrived with
    larsson and bendtner from arsenal and i was sad to see him go to bolton and i along with many other bluenoses will be praying he makes a full recovery and thinking of his family.

  2. Best. Wishes Fabrice are thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
    Full recovery you were a breath of fresh air at St Andrews and you fought and wore our shirt with pride!

  3. Thinking about muamba every second of the day, praying to god he comes through this! Such awful thing to happen, please let him come through this. He was excellent at blues but whoever he plays for everyone is thinking about him at this sad time! X

  4. An awful moment and a young guy who is thankful for what he has got. In a world where players are spoilt and greedy Fabrice is an exception to the rule and i sincerely hope and pray he pulls through this.

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