Millwall v Blues Brief Post Match Thoughts

I had to rely on radio commentary for the game. But quite simply, 1st half bad 2nd half good!

Many football forums and twitter wanted Clark to be hung drawn and quartered in the 1st 45, and it obviously was a terrible start – especially after a decent performance on Saturday. However the blame can’t ALL be placed at the managers feet.

According to the radio, and twitter from those who were there – the goals were all to do with defensive errors. Surely that is the players fault. Having said that, it has become a bad habit – and the manager’s responsibility is to stop it from happening going forward.

King’s goal right on HT proved to be vital. I would have LOVED to have heard what LC said / shouted / screamed / threw at half time! But the 2nd sounded like we were the only team who were going to win it besides the last few minutes when we appeared to run out of steam.

So 3-0 down, get back to 3-3 and could have won it. It’s a result like this that COULD properly kick start our season.


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  1. Quote: ‘It’s a result like this that COULD properly kick start our season.’

    lol, gotta love your optimism kev m8 🙂

  2. Some might say that this was a brilliant fight back and hence a great result. I would be tempted to say that going down 3-0 to a team struggling at the bottom end of the table is appalling and shows we have learnt nothing from the Barnsley experience. In natural circumstances, Clark would be long gone. Just more agony piled on to our tortured fans and another let off and an opportunity for optimists to say yet again that this is our turning point!

  3. the bottom line is the players are not responding to clark and his methods so it’s going to boil down to who wins out. clark stays we dice with relegation or a takeover happens pretty damn quick and a new manager comes in who can galvanize the players and adds a couple of new signings.

    sometimes a managers ability has nothing to do with the way a team performs for him, not that i believe clark is up to the job which he isn’t.

    anyone following hughton was going to have a tough job as the supporters liked him along with the players.

    Clough lasted 40 odd days at leeds after revie left and more recently AVB was hounded out of chelsea as the players wouldn’t play for him. sometimes you just have to accept the jobs too big for you or circumstances in play prevent you from achieving your goals.

    that all being said clark and his backroom staff seem to be a terminal cancer on bcfc and until they are removed we are going to have to accept many more shambolic performances. coming back from 3 down happens very rarely so we must rejoice in it today but not forget we could have been even further behind.

    it’s conceivable that we could have lost all our league games this season bar forest which we maybe should have won. against barnet we could have been 3 or 4 down in the first half which very few people have mentioned along with coventry which was a joke. the aforementioned are in league 2 & 1 respectively and have hardly won a game all season.

  4. Millwall have won 1 of the last 8 matches and should have buried us by half time.Coming back from 3-0 is a good point but even more bad errors by the defence seems to be indicitive of our season so far and nothing seems to have improved this season.Trying to put a positive spin on getting a point is one thing but the fact is we shipped bad goals again and against a team thats as bad as us.

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