Brief Post Match Thoughts Blackburn v Blues

Aylesburyblue in his preview said 1-1, explaining that we either lose 2-1 or draw 1-1 at Blackburn. Well he got it right again, (I can see it going to his head), but I have to say I thought the draw was probably the best we could expect. On reflection, we COULD have won it. It was a good response after conceding and Ziggy was unfortunate not to score before King finished it off.

I was encouraged by the effort again. The side seem to be competing for the ball a lot better than a month ago, and the recent decent results have come when that has happened. We looked good going forward, Burkey seems to be getting back onto his game and Zigic is showing signs of getting close to his cup match performances under McLeish. Morrison does look a class player, but needs to concentrate the whole game. The defence looked better too, although Murphy’s challenge was a poor one that gave the penalty away.

The one thing that we let ourselves down with, is we give the ball away too easily in silly places. That happened a number of times today and we probably should have been punished. If Clark can sort that out, I do think we can be play-off contenders despite our present position. Also young Nathan seems a shade of the player he was last season. I hope that isn’t grumpiness for being left out. We do need him to up his game to give that extra impact off the bench.

Still on the whole, more positives than negatives, and I genuinely think we’ve turned the corner.



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3 Comments on Brief Post Match Thoughts Blackburn v Blues

  1. Fair comments, thought draw rewards solid away performance today. Talking to rovers fans after game saying their best performance at home this season saying that i never felt they were going to score at any stage Caldwell Robinson very good today, good signs blues moving in right direction.

  2. I’m doubtful about play off contention; one observer has made the very valid point that Cardiff made it in in sixth place with 75 points which means we need 55 from the reamining 30 games of the league season. Whilst that is not impossible it is a tall order and needs to start happening now with no more slip ups. We have lost games to reams that should be nowhere near us on our home turf and sadly it will prove costly since I do not see us going the rest of the way undefeated at St Andrews. There you have it; one man’s opinion.

  3. While I agree with Bazza that a play off finish is optimistic we may not need as many points as last season because there seems to be more teams competing for the places.

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