The Return of Alex McLeish

Alex McLeish returns to Blues at the weekend for the first time since his controversial exit of the club in the summer of 2011. (I’m sure Mike will do a proper preview soon.)

He was described as the Ginger Judas and the Rat by many fans, who were angry over the manner of his exit and the fact that he crossed the city. (It has to be said, not as angry as our near neighbours – but I won’t go there!)

At the time I was pretty annoyed about the MANNER he left, and it was obvious that Villa tapped him up while he was still employed by Blues, against the Premier League rules.

BUT and this is a BIG but! At the time, many Blues fans wanted him out. After winning the cup, we ended up going down – although a major contributing factor was the injury list that we had. However the big issue for me, was the manner of the style of play. It was pretty poor on the whole, and I hated it. I was happy that he left, and I don’t really understand why people got so upset about it.

Having said all of that, McLeish was responsible for one of the best, if not the best, day of supporting Blues since the mid 1970’s. That day at Wembley will never be forgotten, and I for one will always be grateful to McLeish for bringing back our 1st major trophy 40 years.

So come Saturday will I boo him? Absolutely not – partly because I won’t be there, but mainly because for me – that one day in February 2011 is enough for me to just about outweigh the negative football and the fact that he left us in the way he did. I urge you Blues fans, not to boo him – save your voices to get behind the team and roar them to a much needed victory.

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  1. Remember bluenoses we got Alex back on Saturday get behind our team don’t boo Alex as he did us proud to get us to Wembley he was the only manager to get us to Wembley n lifted the carling cup. Alex only went to the other side of the city to get them down he nearly succeeded only one point that all it was so we all hate the other side but congratulate Alex in doing something no other manager has done kro fans roar our team on if U dishing Alex mcleigh U could be our 12th man instead I don’t think the life of me Alex is not happy with the board treating our team

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. He was part of the most amazing Blues result that I will ever see(who knows?). I was not sad to see him go and I wish that our club was in a better position to retain Houghton for a longer period. That’s Blues for you I suppose.

  3. I certainly will be giving him as much stick as I possibly can throughout the 90. Turning his back and crossing the road, he deserves all the s**t that’s coming to him!

  4. Yes, he was in charge when we won the Carling Cup, but then again, he was also in charge when we slid out of the Premiership too. Did he then stay to get us back up (again)?
    No, he flounced across town to the Vile once he saw his squad dissolve in the Not The Fire Sale.

    I wouldn’t be clapping him.

  5. well said tilton, all respect went out the window when he crossed that line…it was an arrogant step and he under estimated the rivalry between us and vile. anybody but them and my respect wud still be with him. I for one hope he gets dogs abuse the horrible little man

  6. He’s not the only fickle ambitious man in the footballing world. All managers and players are the same these days. Forget McLeish, he’s just another manager of an opposing team coming to St Andrews. Get behind the team, there’s more important things going on than trying to upset McLeish, who’s players might just respond to our abuse of their manager by raising their games!

  7. I won’t be booing McLeish. In fact, I won’t be taking any notice of him at all – he is not important enough for me to bother getting worked up about.

    What I can’t understand about the whole McLeish saga, is this, almost deification of a man purely and simply because we won a cup when he was a manager. Let’s not forget that it was NOT McLeish that won the cup, it was the players and, they won the cup IN SPITE of McLeish not BECAUSE of him. He just happened to draw the lucky straw and be in charge at the time. I firmly believe that, following on from his dire and atrocious tactics in practically every other game the only good thing he could have done was to tell the players, on the day, “go out and enjoy the match.” I also believe that, if he had have had the slightest inkling that we may have had a chance of winning the game, he would have issued instructions that would have been disastrous for our performance.

    With this apparent god-like adoration of McLeish, I wonder just how much more we would have showered on TF if his luck had been slightly different in 2001. AJ’s penalty, the cheating tactics of David Ellery in doing everything he could to help Liverpool while denying us at least two cast iron penalties.

    No, McLeish will get no praise, no thanks from me but, at the same time, he will get no abuse either. Although, I will not criticise any other fans who do decide to vent their opinions in whichever way they think fit.

  8. The best way we can get a clear point across to McLeish is to send him packing with no points this weekend, another loss for him could see him lose his job, another smack in the teeth for him,
    Get behind the lads, they need our vocals more than any.

  9. i didnt go the match today but i’ve heard from others what abuse mcleish got and i’m glad he did. people can say he won us the cup all they want but look at what teams we played in that carling cup run? the only decent one was arsenal, and lets face it, it was luck that got us that win…it wasnt down to tactics of that ginger rat. hes a judas and deserves everything thats coming to him. he had a lack of respect for the club and i wouldnt be surprised if when he gets sacked from forest, he eyes up a job at derby. once a judas, always a judas! KRO!

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