View From the South – Watford Gap!

First of all, I didn’t make it to the game yesterday. I travelled up to Birmingham sure enough accompanied by Mrs Bazza. We were on our way to Sutton Coldfield in the morning to visit my disabled, spinster cousin who lives with my very elderly aunt hurtling towards ninety years of age. My cousin has been unwell and as a member of the medical profession there were things that I felt I could help her with and so I took some bits of equipment up by way of aid. We got there later than I would have liked but this was immaterial; Aunty insisted on providing us with a hot cooked lunch despite our protestations and it was clearly impolite to both refuse and rush straight off afterwards. Having spent an appropriate period with my relatives we did eventually leave. The intention was for me to park up in town, drop my wife off at the shops whilst I walked down to the ground. Despite best laid plans of mice and men and the vagaries of traffic it was nearly half time by the time I’d got parked and I still had to get to the ground. The pay and display machine wasn’t working which meant I would have to ring a number to park the car legally and frankly Mrs Bazza said that it was getting so late anyway that she was unlikely to get much out of her shopping experience by the time she had found her bearings. We had just conceded the second and I wasn’t going to get to the ground until well after the restart so we decided to knock the whole plan on the head and go home. A third goal was announced on the radio and halfway down the motorway, Mrs Bazza needed a comfort break and a coffee so I switched off at that point and pulled in to a service station. It was only later that I heard the score line had got even worse.


We went to the cinema last evening and I have been a football free zone this weekend so far and I intend to stay that way to be honest. A few weeks back I wrote an article on how Blues were doing compared to last season and compared to a hypothetical set of teams achieving play off status, automatic promotion and relegation. The format is the same now but there have been another 15 or so games since.




The blue line has to hit the black line at 46 games to make the play offs which would mean we would have to win every game from here on in; phew a hog nearly hit my TV aerial!

I predicted weeks ago that we had no chance of a play off spot and that is obvious now. I think we will finish up about where we are now with about 52 -54 points. This means that we need just over a point a game which is what we’ve been averaging and rubbish though we are, Blues should be able to scrape 15 or so points together to avoid the dreaded aptly coloured brown line representing relegation. I have also said before and I’ll say it again now, this season is a write off and we need to get to the end of it as rapidly and with as much dignity as possible and move on hopefully with new owners. On the latter subject, my mate Will said to me at three weeks ago that in his opinion, the club is already sold which would explain why we turned down all sorts of offers for players with the exception of Butland. His prediction is that an official announcement will appear in April; well we’ll see won’t we? If this proves to be the case Peter Pannu will have played a canny game and William will be even smugger than he already is. 😛

Moving on to the game yesterday, I didn’t go so I can’t comment but the score would suggest that the Hornets were far superior to us which isn’t that difficult on the performances so far this season. I see that the knives are out for Lee Clark again and the reports and comments are full of ill-informed vitriol. I suggest that we should take this latest defeat gracefully and frankly stop talking rubbish however frustrated most observers are. The complete tosh being spoken by some quarters is getting very tedious and I have resolved to stop reading it. I am reminded of the comment that Clement Attlee made to the Marxist politician Harold Laski as follows:

“I can assure you there is widespread resentment in the Party at your activities and a period of silence on your part would be welcome.”

Ill-judged, ill-informed and irresponsible speculation about the manager, the owner, the players and the club will not help our present plight. Despite our heavy defeat, I am still sorry I couldn’t get to the game because wind rain or shine I still like to add my voice in support of the club I have supported for fifty years and will continue to do so but I cannot agree that denigrating people whom I believe are doing their best in very difficult circumstances is likely to help. Let’s just cheer the lads on to achieve the points we need to avoid the drop and maybe next year we will be able to bridge the Watford Gap. Every dog has its day; yesterday was clearly theirs.


The Good: Went to the cinema on our return to see Argo; I can recommend it.

The Bad: The score obviously. 0-4 at home is a thrashing by any standards.

The Ugly: Some of the negative comment I’ve seen in the aftermath of the game. Sit down, shut up! It isn’t helping.





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3 Comments on View From the South – Watford Gap!

  1. I was going to say that the cinema sounded better than the game but argo is about as good as our performance was.

  2. Aw, Tony mate, I enjoyed it actually. Part of me would still have have liked to go to the game but I’m so glad I didn’t witness such a humiliation. Hopefully, we will be better tonight! 🙁

  3. Comment doesn’t hinder or nor does it necessarily help. It’s comment and people are entitled to make it. Why you feel that people should refrain from making legitimate comment is beyond me. Shut up if the manager is poor, presumably jump with glee if he’s good. Utter tosh. You’re not part of the Curio in the Catholic church are you? Clark’s tactics, player selection and positional choices are woeful and one suspects, as do thousands of Blue ‘ones’, that his motivational and coaching skills are not too good either. His utterances to the media are banal, mostly meaningless gibberish. As someone pointed out elsewhere, how many more times must we “dust ourselves down”? One of his many trite, meaninigless phrases. As most suspect, he is clueless.

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