Zola’s Post Match Interview v Derby

Just watched the “highlights” on C5. While Gary Rowett was very gracious and complimentary, Zola was unbelievable. He said that Derby only had 2 shots on target, well the statistics say 5 Zola. I think I know why we are losing. He is clearly not watching the game!

The second point is, he then went on to say “it’s OK!” OK??? OK??? No Zola it isn’t OK, we are steadily heading to 3rd tier football. There is now only 6 points in it, and we have an inferior goal difference.

The bloke HAS TO GO.

I call on the board – PLEASE SACK HIM.

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  1. It’s a results business Kev and in that I think you’re right. We’d have to replace him with someone who’s willing to stay even if we go down though. No guarantee we’ll stay up if we sack him, no guarantee we’ll go down if he stays. It’s a precarious position. Zola seems a decent bloke and we HAVE been unlucky but if the Board are going to stick by him the players need to step up and stop leaking ridiculous goals!

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