Looking Back At Your Own Blues History

Posted on May 28, 2007 
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I don’t know how many of you are aware but within the next twelve months or so, I shall be emigrating to the other side of the world. Stuff like work, study, my family, Blues… they all came into the equation and after sorting out many of the problems attached to most of the above subjects, I found myself thinking finally about Blues.

There’s no doubt about it that being so far away from the club will have a huge impact on me. I tip my hat to any football supporter – regardless of team – who can get up at 3 AM week in, week out and feel wins, losses, agony and ecstasy as much as those sitting in the overpriced seats at the stadium.

I spent 2004 abroad and keeping up with the football and Blues was one of the hardest things. I may well have posted stories of a kindly West Ham United fan who used to record all the games for me and arrive at work early in the morning to drop the tape (and in certain instances a long play video recorder too!) off for me to rush home and watch the latest Blues game.

People from home also sent recordings and on certain occasions, I’d be watching games – living games as if they mattered in the moment – three weeks after they’d happened. In fact, I believe I still have a tape marked “Arsenal 0-0 Birmingham City – The best defensive display – EVER!” written on it in my cupboard.

And so that brings me onto today. Today – with some effort – I hauled down my oversized box of Birmingham City memories. I guess some would say that I’m a hoarder. I would say that I’m a treasurer of memories in the form of garbage… Some would count it as art.

Today was the day I had to work out exactly what I was taking with me across the world and what I was leaving behind. In essence, throwing away. I sorted through 16 years of programmes, newspapers, magazines, scarves, hats, shirts, flags and anything else you care to mention.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re not human if you open a box such as the one I opened today and not spend quite a bit of time looking through it. I did just that as I was being hurried up by Mrs Aff. When the box was open and emptied, this is what I found before me (click for a bigger version):

Lots and lots of stuff!

For some reason, I do not have a programme for the first ever game I went to. December 1991, Birmingham City 3-1 Fulham. Ian Rogerson scored twice and Nigel Gleghorn scored once. I stood at the very back of the Kop and my overwhelming memories are of the chant of ‘Blue Army!’ and two signs – the ‘Dempsey Roofing’ one hanging from the side of the old and battered Railway End and the ‘We have a part to play in Birmingham City’ sign in the corner where the Railway End meets the Main Stand.  I had turned 11 just a few days earlier.

Flicking through my stuff, I found a black and white picture (I don’t know why it was black and white) of the team I first knew as a ‘proper’ Blues fan. The players I just mentioned as well as a young Paul Tait. He was my first ever favourite player and I remember my dad telling me about him possibly never playing for us again. I relived that today as I came across a picture of Taity lying in a hospital bed with his girlfriend sitting next to him. What a terrible haircut Taity had…

I found my first ever Blues shirt – the awful Triton Showers paint splash kit from the very early 90’s. I also found my Wembley ‘95 shirt that mom and dad presented to me on the morning of the game. Bonus! Also found a red and black striped ‘Auto Windscreens’ shirt as well as a black and white striped away kit from around 10 years ago. Tucked away was also my first ever England shirt from Euro ‘96. What a kit!

I also flicked through stuff and came across plenty of players that I had memories of. For some reason, Jason Bowen was heavily featured. I remember Bowen, overwhelmingly for the two goals he scored in the opening five minutes of an Anglo-Italian Cup tie at St Andrews. Possibly against Genoa? In typical Blues fashion, I believe we lost the game 3-2 but Bowen’s second was a lovely right footed volley after he ghosted in on the far stick in front of the Tilton.

I was beginning to come into my element and find stuff from my first few proper years of supporting Blues. Years when I started forming opinions of my own and deciding who needed to be bought in and who needed to be sold.

I came across articles and pictures of Kevin Francis scoring two dynamite headers to topple Middlesbrough in the League Cup and a quote from Steve Claridge about the mighty Leeds United having “no identifiable weaknesses” in the week leading up to the League Cup semi final – again in which Super Kev scored a belter. How times change!

Wembley in 1995 and Jose Dominguez and Ricky Otto all found places into my bulging collection. I have a copy of the ill-fated Blues official newspaper with Dominguez holding a load of fireworks with the headline “Jose can fire Blues to the top!” on the front page. Liam Daish and one kidney, Dave Barnett and his kung-fu, a giant poster of the double-winning side of 1995, the programme of Blues Vs West Bromwich Albion where the classy Jonathon Hunt cracked home a 25 yarder to snatch a point not far from the end.

I found lots and lots of Trevor Francis related stuff. I’ve always been told him about him and my brother is named after him. I collected a lot of posters and stories and then he became our manager. It made it all the more easy to find information out and I now have a solid collection of vintage TF pictures, stories and quotes.

He became our manager and Steve Bruce joined on £17,000 a week. I know this because I came across an old fanzine with the headline “Okay, hands up! For seventeen grand a week, I can’t take a penalty!” I can’t for the life of me remember who the penalty was against. I remember Peter Ndlovu missing one against Port Vale not far from the end of the season and a fanzine I came across described him as taking it about as hard as “…a dwarf kicking a steel door in.” Fair enough!

Through the TF years and many favourite players as well as heartbreaks. 3 playoff semi-finals and one League Cup final. I didn’t make the game in Cardiff but I have the programme, ditto the Wembley 1991 final. I have the front of the Birmingham Mail and a tearful TF embracing the unlucky AJ. Speaking of AJ, he adorned many the front of Blues programmes throughout the late 90’s… he’ll go on to be a star that lad! I also came across one of my most prized programmes – the game we beat Manchester City 2-1 thanks to very, very, very, very, VERY late goals from Nicky Forster and Martin O’Connor after Citeh had took the lead in the 88th minute. My ticket that day was a birthday present.

I also found lots and lots of fanzines including Issue #1 of ‘Made In Brum’ – a fanzine I’m now fortunate to contribute to. I found copies of ‘The Zulu’, ‘The Heathen’, ‘Wake Up Blue’, ‘Made In Brum’ and a few others. Blues also published their own magazine a few years ago. I have the first copy of that – Mike Newell is in it. I resisted the temptation to spit on it.

Into the Premiership we came and the quality of the programmes suddenly went up – and so did the price. These days I don’t buy a programme because like a lot of other things in football, I don’t believe they’re value for money. Fanzines all the way and I have a solid collection.

The match reports of our first ever Premiership derby win over Aston Villa were a pleasure to read. It was the first time in my life that I recall us beating them from across the Expressway. It was a sweet night and I get goosebumps from looking back to that Clinton Morrison goal. I just wish I could’ve been inside the stadium.

The Prem years rolled by… Dugarry, Savage, local derbies, quality players, full crowds, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal… the Creme-de-la-crème of world football being seen at St Andrews – most of it on the side of the opposition, mind!

The final piece of paper I filed away made me smile the most. It encapsulated everything that supporting Blues is all about. My mother-in-law lives in Australia and whenever Blues are featured in newspapers, especially at the beginning of the season, she sends the article to me.

At the beginning of last season, she sent me about 5 pieces of paper out of the Herald Sun newspaper. It predicted that Blues would finish 7th in the Premiership. Ultimately, we all know the story. We were relegated, pretty pathetically in all honesty. I folded the piece of paper up and had a bit of a chuckle. It seems that after all these years, we’re still self-destructing when we should be going on to achieve. I’m going to keep that piece of paper as a reminder, as if I need it. I simply didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

At the end of the sorting out, my Blues memories amounted to twenty kilograms. It’s going to cost around £100 to get it all shipped over to Australia. But I couldn’t leave it behind. It’d be like leaving the club behind, and no matter where I am in the world, I simply couldn’t do that.

Donations for the get Aff’s stuff to Australia so as to make sure he’s not lonely can be sent to… Just kidding.

Today was a good day. Looking back at everything I’d gone through as a Blues fan. It got me wondering about other people and what supporting Blues has been like for them personally. Do you keep a box of memories or store it all up in the old memory?

What does your own Blues personal history say?

I have a number of duplicate programmes which I’m willing to give away free to good homes. All you need do is cover the postage. I’ll list them here now and if you’re interested, you can contact me here. All programmes are for home matches.

- Vs Slough Town – FA Cup – 12/11/94 (x3)
- Vs Leyton Orient – Division Two – 17/12/94 (x2)
- Vs Liverpool – FA Cup – 07/12/95
- Blues at Wembley – Autowindscreen Shield Final – Vs Carlisle United – Club souvenir edition
- Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – Division One – 01/01/96
- Vs Huddersfield Town – Division One – 12/03/96
- Vs Sunderland – Division One – 17/03/96
- Vs West Bromwich Albion – Division One – 20/03/96
- Vs Portsmouth – Division One – 02/04/96
- Vs Port Vale – Division One – 06/04/96
- Vs Reading – Division One – 05/05/96
- Vs Bradford City – Division One – 12/10/96 (x2)
- Vs Grimsby Town – Division One – 07/12/96
- Vs Manchester City – Division One – 13/12/97
- Vs Sunderland – Division One – 19/12/98


8 Responses to “Looking Back At Your Own Blues History”

  1. Bob Moore on May 29th, 2007 4:13 am

    What a lucky person you are!!!!

    I left the Midlands for OZ in 1970 so my only connection was radio (BBC World service) and waiting for the newspapers on a Monday morning. Sheer frustration!!

    When we won at Leyton Orient to get promotion to the old First Division I actually hounded a friend at a newspaper until it came over the wire!!!!

    In Melbourne we have pubs with Premier league on and of course the important games are live, hopefully we are up the right end of the table and then you’ll see us a lot.

    Good luck in this wonderful country



  2. trevor tomkinson on May 29th, 2007 6:56 am

    would like this programme if possible Blues at Wembley – Autowindscreen Shield Final – Vs Carlisle United

  3. Bluenose_68 on May 29th, 2007 8:27 am

    Great memories- i have a similar collection- old programmes shirts etc. My dad and grandad passed downtheir programme collection to me and i can spend days looking through the various years worth of programmes.

    I even have 5 years worth of folders where i used to cut out the evening mail reports and stick them onto paper. Sad huh but that was before the days of t’internet where all the reports are archived.

    £100 to get it over to Oz- money well spent if you ask me

  4. Aff on May 29th, 2007 8:48 am

    Hi Bob,
    I can only imagine what it was like in Australia in the 70’s! I spent 12 months there in 2004 and aside from missing some sleep, it was fairly easy to keep in touch with what exactly was happening.

    Seems like there’s quite a few Bluenoses in Australia. It’s not very well organised, however.

    Hi Trevor,
    It’s not the official match programme. I only have one copy of that. It’s the club souvenir edition that came out in the March before the final in April. You’re still welcome to it.

    Hi BN ‘68,
    I think those folders sound fantastic! When I first starting following the club I made scrapbooks etc too. I wish I had all my dad’s stuff. I don’t think he kept them. Well, a scarf from the 70’s aside.

  5. Dan on May 29th, 2007 9:35 am

    Great article there, it’s what being a supporter is all about.

    My own collection consists of programmes, fanzines, shirts etc. Plus loads of teamsheets from Reserve games, its good to look back at them to see which players you have seen and what they’ve progressd to now.

    I have a few team sheets somewhere which are from the mid nineties, with the likes of Jamie Carragher on them wearing number 10 for Liverpool!!, he must of been a Striker in a former life.

  6. Chris H on May 29th, 2007 9:53 am

    My grandad has recorded every blues goal since about 91 (usually off central news on a monday)My brother and I used to spend our summer holidays watching through the tapes, we used to be awful!

  7. merseypete on May 29th, 2007 7:34 pm

    I have a scarf my Auntie Zelda knitted or me in the early sixties. Best Christmas present ever. But one day, only a few years ago in fact, I realised what a daft concept a Blues fan having a ‘lucky’ anything was!

  8. Paul Martin on May 30th, 2007 3:33 pm

    Good luck to you

    There are Blues fans and supporters (I class supporters as those who go) everywhere. I live in Horley just outside Gatwick and met one in Horley.

    I was a season ticket holder last year and when I offered him my Sunderland ticket I was in Indonesia he was in Australia!

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