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Posted on August 29, 2007 
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I know all the names of the players we’ve been linked with but the state of play with any of them? I haven’t a clue. Like I said, I had a busy weekend and that weekend has somehow extended itself to Wednesday afternoon. At this rate, it’ll be the weekend again and I’ll have lost count of the amount of rumours I need to blog about.

So without (much) further ado, let’s get the latest stuff blogged. We’ll start off with the easy stuff.

Oji joins Orient – One month emergency loan. He was on the subs bench for Orient as they went down 1-0 to a 90th goal from Peter Whittingham at Cardiff City last night.

Oji is yet to take part in a league game for Blues.

Blues interested in Amdy Faye – I hope this one is simply lazy journalism. Steve Bruce described the speculation as “rubbish” in early July. I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping that it’s still the case.

Luccin deal hits snag – I blogged a little bit about Luccin last week. Steve Bruce has confirmed that we’re interested and that he was the player that he expected us to have signed by Monday. I never expected the signing to have happened… I predict that I’ll be sitting up until 00:01 on 1st September still waiting for the signing to happen!

Actually, in all seriousness, it sounds as though it’s a minor snag that will be ironed out pretty quickly. The last thing we want is another Scharner / Davies deal happening where someone else swoops in at the last minute. Someone said to me that Newcastle United are interested but my brief internet rumour travels are yet to find such info so it’s probably untrue.

There’s absolutely no information out there about Luccin other than his age and basic career stats – and even those are out of date. The English version of the Athletico Madrid is all flashy but information is hard to come by.

From the quotes attributed to Brucey, he sounds a lot more attacking than anything else we’ve got and that can only be a positive. If / when he signs, it’ll just be a case of waiting to see what he’s capable of, I think. Unless anyone can shed some light? Football Manager stats do not count.

You can see a video of him scoring a spectacular free kick here.

Blues interested in Kallon and M’Bami – Interesting article from Tatts. M’Bami is a name that has been mentioned several times over the last few days whereas Kallon is a name that seemed to pop up every summer whilst we were in the Premiership last time.

Kallon sounds as if he’s lost his way somewhat and having checked out his Wiki page, he never seems to settle anywhere for longer than a season. He’s already played for thirteen clubs and he’s only 27! Ironically, he was deemed surplus to requirements at AS Monaco in July 2005 after Monaco signing Olivier Kapo!

Up to September last year, Kallon had made 271 professional appearances and scored 94 goals, according to Wikipedia.

Kallon doesn’t come without controversy. In September 2003, he was tested positive for ‘Nandrolone’ and banned for six months whilst playing for Inter Milan. And in May of this year, Kallon was banned for three international games for abusing a referee after the Sierra Leone lost 3-1 to Togo in a qualifying game.

Earlier this year, Kallon said a move to the Premiership would appeal to him.

M’Bami is a 24 year old Cameroon international who currently plays his club football with French side Marseille. M’Bami (whose name brings up the ‘BMI Baby’ website if you stick it into Google without an apostrophe, honest!) is play-making midfielder who likes to get forward.

He has previously won an Olympic gold medal as part of the successful 2000 Cameroon side in Sydney and two French cups.

Personally I’m greedy. I’d like M’Bami and Luccin. And Kallon. And Nugent. Oh yes, Nugent.

Portsmouth could sell Nugent – It seems as though the scramble for Nugent could happen again. The same clubs who were linked before will be linked again and no doubt our name will come up.

I daresay Harry will be up for the idea of making a small profit although that mightn’t be possible with the transfer deadline rapidly approaching. I’ll be watching this one with interest.


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