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Posted on August 31, 2007 
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Here was I thinking that we’d spend the majority of the day waiting for news concerning Luccin and Kallon. By midday, we already knew what was happening with both of them. In case you haven’t heard:

Luccin news – Bit gutted in all honesty. He’s a player that I – and I suspect many other Bluenoses – know little about. But it doesn’t take a genius to know that we need something else in there. Something “a bit different” to what we already have. The only attack-minded central midfielders we have at the club are Neil Danns (who Bruce seems unwilling to use, even at Championship level despite Danns’ admirable plea) and Kapo, who he seems to favour out wide.

Luccin seems to be a player that could’ve added that attacking dimension whilst still keeping us reasonably solid in there. His pedigree, as Bruce said, is good and so to lose out on him after been told that the deal had virtually been agreed is a bit of a gutter. The race is on to now sign someone else and all eyes seemed to have turned to Papa Bouba Diop of Fulham.

He was told on August 20th that he could leave Craven Cottage by Lawrie Sanchez. Everton and Newcastle United have been linked.

The only other option seemingly open to us at this point is Modeste M’Bami. We’ve been persistently linked with him over the last week or so and perhaps Bruce will now go in strongly now that Luccin has picked Zaragoza?

I somehow doubt it but it’s worth noting in case it happens. If it does, I can jump up and down on the spot and claim that I predicted it.

Kallon news – I should imagine that Kallon will be desperate to rekindle his career after leaving AS Monaco. However, I always worry about how a player will react after he wins himself a contract.

We’ve heard about Kallon for years now and I’ve heard many people speak of him in glowing terms. If we can sign that version of him, I’d be delighted!

It doesn’t look like any other strikers are being linked.

It could be a quiet day for us Bluenoses.


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  1. MarcTheBlue on August 31st, 2007 3:57 pm

    Sorry, this may be the fact that it’s Friday and little prospect of leaving work early, but have just seen the news that Aluko is leaving for Aberdeen on a loan with a view to a permanent transfer. It makes me sick that yet another so called Blues prospect is being thrown on the scrapheap once again without once being shown what they can do.

    With the rant that Bruce made about the state of UK academies I think it is a real shame that players like this are not given the chance they deserve- Kilkenny will be following soon I imagine (someone who gives us something diferent in the middle of the park?).

    Was reading how Pearce was doing so well for the England youth team yesterday. Poor sod doesn’t stand a chance….

  2. WorcsBlue on August 31st, 2007 4:42 pm

    I feel the same as MarcTheBlue. I think Bruce is losing the plot. He compliments Hereford on not playing hoof ball (like a lot of lower league teams (and us at times) do. He then lambasts the lack of good young British players and the few our academy seems to be producing he virtually gives away – Andrew Johnson, Marcos Painter and Sone Aluko to name but three and then says what great professionals they are. He’s now comparing Cameron Jerome to the young Andrew Johnson – the same young Andrew Johnson he didn’t want to heep I assume.

    His reward for his ravings of a mad man – a new lucrative rolling contract. I wish I was so well rewarded for doing nothing more than a mediocre job. He may have the reputation and persuasive powers to get some good players to StAns – I still doubt that he is capable of getting the best out of them let alone improve them in most cases!

    It’s probably just a bad Friday feeling, KRS and SO the MiddlesVilla.

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