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Posted on October 6, 2007 
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I’m going to start my second article with a big ‘Well Done’ to all the players and staff at Blues for our last 2 league performances. We travelled to Liverpool not expecting much, and let’s face it, we were amazing defensivley. From the word go at Anfield, every single player was fantastic, but as per usual, there was a downside. Oubina, supposedly a cracking player, injured, probably won’t be seen in a Blues shirt again, unfortunately.

Then the next league game, Manchester United, champions, at home. One word – Fantastic. I thought we were brilliant, head and shoulders above them in the first half, but par for the course, we mess it up for ourselves and lose the game. A lot of people I know were angry after the game, I for one was quite happy, frustrated, but happy. I thought I had just witnessed one of the best performances from Blues in the last few seasons, and it makes me even more optimistic.

That leads us onto the next few games, Blackburn, Man City etc which could prove vital, but after the last few games, I am very optimistic about the upcoming games, and our chances of picking up a few points.

Moving onto the cup, Bruce played our second XI away at Blackburn. For me there are two ways this could be taken; What is he doing, does he not care about the cup? Or, Who cares? I think the fans at the game would’ve taken the first option as their first impression, but I thought it was a wise choice off the back of an amazing effort from the lads at Liverpool, they deserved a rest, and surely everyone realises that the league comes first?

In all honesty I don’t care about any cups this year.

Onto things off the pitch, and David Sullivan has yet again opened his mouth, surely a man that short can’t have such a huge mouth!? Anyway, he has recently said that if Carson Yeung does not complete the deal by Christmas, he will pull the plug.

The only logic I can see from this is Sullivan wanting a bit more publicity. Let’s face it, he hasn’t said anything for a few weeks, he needs a few more column inches. He could do with a few more inches on those legs also now I think about it. I think Sullivan is just trying to get some publicity, Yeung has blatantly said he wants to buy the club by New Year, so why does Sullivan need to come out and shout his mouth off? It’s anybodys guess.

Moving onto the squad, we seem very short on numbers now that Vine has gone and Forssell is out. First of all it seems a little odd to me that Vine has been allowed to go. He may not play much, but surely we need more than 2 strikers?

Wasn’t this the whole problem last time round, not enough strikers, not enough goals, not enough points? The only logic I can think of is that the Forss will be back very soon, because I really cannot see any other logical explanation to why Bruce would only have 2 out and out strikers available.

Saying that, we have only been playing with one striker, and Kapo in behind. And we also have McSheffrey who can go upfront, leaving Kapo to go out left. We do have options and I think we will be okay.

Moving on to this weekend now, Blackburn away. A really, really tough place to go as many teams have seen, even us last week. I do think that this week will be a completely different ball game to the Carling Cup tie, and I do think we have a chance of getting a point, but nothing more. I think I’m going to go for a 1-1.

Have a good weekend,


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  1. justwondering on October 6th, 2007 11:51 am

    The Chinese have been looking at the books for well over two months now and it’s strating to get to the stage of stupidity. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that two months of looking at the books just means you want some publicity. If I was Mr. Sullivan and he’s told us countless times how much he cares for this club and how much success he has brought I’d stay because he’s going to make the most money staying at the club rather than selling it that much is obvious.

    The displays versus United and Liverpool were top draw and hopefully that mentality will stay when we make our trip to Ewood Park tommorow. Talking of Ewood Park it’s a vile stadium is it not? I can’t see to many cheers being raised for David Dunn since he’s left Blues he has tried to slate us on more than one occasion. Then their’s Mark Hughes who has to be the most hated Premiership manager, then theirs I wan’t a pay rise Mark Bowen. Then Savage I hardly think it makes a difference if he says ’sorry’ and shakes Bruce’s hand how the hell would that make up for the hurt he caught us? Problem with Bruce is that he’s to much of a nice guy and people exploit that.

    Vine in my opinion has been harshly treated by Blues just like Dwight Yorke was when he was at the club. Him and Jerome would make a cracking partnership although Jerome’s learning more if he has nobody alongside him but Vine’s a better player than Forssell. Forssell’s had to many chances now and I’ve lost time for him if he gets released in January I won’t be surprised or sad.

    I think Jay’s being a bit down our defence has showed true class and we were unlucky not to get 3 points versus United. In my opinion Blackburn are much easier than both of those clashes so I’m going with 1-0 or 2-0.


  2. justwondering on October 7th, 2007 9:07 am

    “I’ve no regrets about going. I enjoyed my time there and made some good friends.

    “But I think I should have gone down other avenues – I don’t think Birmingham was the right club for me.

    “I made a good start to my career there and maybe that papered over the cracks a bit.

    “I don’t think they did everything they could have done.

    “There was more they could have done. It was my fault as well, and I won’t just blame the staff at Birmingham, but they could have been stronger.”

    - Comments from David Dunn which were published in the Lancanshire Telegraph.

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