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Posted on October 31, 2007 
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There really is never a dull day at Birmingham City, is there? Whilst we’re debating, querying and arguing over who we want to own the club, a much bigger and more important story is developing almost in the background – to one of our own players.

This blog will be a ‘latest news’ type entry but obviously, it wouldn’t be right to simply pass off the kidnapping of Wilson Palacios’s younger brother as just another BCFC related story. Our thoughts go out to Wilson and his family and I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing a speedy and safe resolution to the situation.

You can read the official club statement by clicking here.

Blues interested in Gera – This story is floating around the web today and this particularly good West Bromwich Albion site is as good a place as any to pin it down.

Silly season is here again and we’ll see many a player linked with us over the next couple of months (I saw Leicester City’s Patrick Kisnorbo linked yesterday.) It’s strange that we’re being linked with players when we don’t even know who’ll be in control of the club when the window opens. So how solid plans can be put in place is anyone’s guess. Still, it gives us all something to talk about.

Gera has made thirteen appearances for West Brom this season, bagging himself one goal.

Wenger tips Bendtner for the top – This sort of article would suggest that the Wenger has no intention of letting Saint Nik go anywhere on loan after Christmas. Shame, really. Would’ve been interesting to see how he fitted in with Steve Bruce’s current tactical set up.

Bendtner has made six appearances and score two goals for the Gunners this season.

Blues linked to Argentine – Old ‘Arry has just signed a new contract and he’s building a solid team down there at Portsmouth. I can’t see there being any substance to this one although it would be nice.

D’Alessandro is 26 years old and can operate as an attacking centre midfielder or a left winger. He currently plays for Real Zaragoza but has previously played for Portsmouth (loan), Wolfsburg and River Plate. D’Alessandro has also played over 20 times for Argentina.

Bruce takes his Kap off to Olivier – I’m still not convinced that we’ve seen the best of Olivier Kapo yet. But I’m glad we’ve got him. It’s wonderful to know that we have players in the squad who are capable of turning a game in a single second and it’s nice to know that when you pay your money, you do have a chance of seeing something special.

Kapo brings that – and goals. They’re a big bonus considering the rejuvenated Forss was the one we were all so sure would score the goals at the beginning of the campaign.

The bit about Seb Larsson at the end is completely typical too. He’s probably my favourite player at the moment. Over the past couple of years – particularly our last two in the Prem – it was hard to find ‘favourites’ and players you’d remember with pride in a few years. But Seb – and others in the current set up – seem to have character, bottle, grit and skill in abundance and that is making me very proud to be a Bluenose once again.

Yeung & Bruce bring swagger – Pretty nifty and swift round up of the takeover status. I wouldn’t necessary agree with parts of it but I’m not privy to some of the information of that of a local newspaper journalist!

For example, I don’t recall Yeung or Sullivan – or Bruce – suggesting that Bruce’s contract would be sorted out before the takeover despite Yeung saying that it wasn’t his fault that the contract hadn’t gone through in the first place. So suggesting that all it needs is a signature is perhaps taking it a step too far.

Regardless, if you want a quick, easy to read update on where we currently stand, it’s a useful piece.

Bruce happy enough with Yeung meeting – As I said, the contract is far from a signature away. Bruce is happy enough to sit tight until January and see what comes his way. Quite rightly, he just wants to focus on the football and after the win against Wigan and the big derby not far away, thankfully, we can all start to do that now.

Muamba : Wenger is a genius! – Talk about stating the bloomin’ obvious?!

Muamba : Leaving Arsenal was correct decision – I don’t know whether I’m just being a typical football fan and looking for a story that isn’t there but the quotes in this article don’t seem to completely add up. He won’t be eligible for the England U21’s for too much longer and suggesting that he wants to play for the big boys whilst still representing the U21’s seems to suggest that he doesn’t see his long term future here.

I doubt he has any intentions of leaving any time soon so the fact that the quotes seem a little at odds pops a flag up in my brain. I’m still delighted that we signed him in the first place, mind.

Three Blues in Actim team of the week – Well done to Olivier, Franck and Captain Marvel. I bet the Queudrue one has surprised a few people. I’m yet to meet too many ‘noses who rate him. I think his pinged balls really added something to the team – especially when on the counter.

Muamba backs Bruce – Nice to see yet another person publicly throwing his weight behind the current manager after the job he’s done over the last year or so.

Bruce is focused on January – A longer version of the article posted above. Basically Brucey is fully focused on the team, the performances, the matches and finances come January – exactly as he should be. He seems to have genuinely put the club – and his players – before himself and that will always be appreciated by me.

Bruce thanks fans – I think I’ve said it before but the Steve Bruce chants bugged me. Not because he doesn’t deserve massive credit for the last 12 months or so but because it’s actually quite hypocritical. I wonder how many of those singing his name on Saturday would’ve had their knives out had we gone on to lose the game.

I’m all for pats on the back but one game – and one result – doesn’t alter the overall feeling towards one member of staff. Bruce has done a fantastic job over the last twelve months and I’m glad he now knows and understands that we appreciate it, but I hope he’s aware of the fickleness of the modern day football fan.

Bruce back down to business – I don’t know about anyone else but this piece really pleases me. Bruce is focused on what he needs to be doing but he’s also canny enough to not simply take Yeung at his word. He knows that the deal could go wrong tomorrow and he’s prepared for that. He’s cleverly welcomed Yeung and had a productive meeting with him whilst keeping him at arm’s length and saying that trust is earnt, not simply given.

What a positive note to end the blog on…


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  1. Rick on October 31st, 2007 10:18 pm

    Muamba turned 19 6 months ago. He has a year and a half left in the Under-21s, and he’s only just broken into that squad anyway – he was captain of the Under-19s until recently.

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