View From The South – By Eck, It’s All Change At St Andrew’s!

Posted on November 28, 2007 
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Good day intrepid readers! As many of the more regular visitors to the blog know, I usually comment about the latest match but this has been more than adequately covered already by Jake so other than to say that there was a sad inevitability about the result against Pompey I will leave it there. Kranjcar’s free kick though was a privilege to witness even if it was against us. One can argue all one likes about whether the wall was big enough or the failings of Richard Kingson on the day but it was a magnificent strike worthy of winning any game.

Moving on it looks as if we are about to have one of the most highly rated managers in the game at the moment join us. At the time of writing the lauded press conference is yet to happen and I therefore hope that I don’t end up with egg on my face and discover it’s not him after all but Billy Davis, O’Dreary, Graham Sourness or indeed any number of unemployed managers out there. The appointment of Alex McLeish is one that I am absolutely delighted about because I think he will bring a cold eyed, bloody minded determination to win attitude with him. He exhibited this as a player and a very fine one at that winning 77 caps for Scotland and moreover he has shown his credentials as a manager at club and international level. What he achieved with Scotland is truly phenomenal when you consider the players he had at his disposal. I mean no disrespect to the Scots when I say this; they have very good players but the Italians showed they lack that extra bit of quality when it comes to the crunch. Nevertheless they ran them very close and put up a far more creditable performance than England did in their shameful capitulation!

There is no doubt that the rapidity with which Steve Bruce has been replaced can only be good for Birmingham City Football Club. For the recent sorry saga to have continued would have been truly detrimental. A fresh start with a new coaching team which I understand will include McCleish’s team with Scotland of Roy Aitken and Andy Watson is another plus and will give a much needed boost to the players. One observer on the Telegraph web site this morning made the point that the much maligned Birmingham board made an astute move over all this. He contends that if they had wanted to keep Steve Bruce they would have fought tooth and nail to do so. It is indeed possible that SB could have been given the Grand Order of the Golden Wellie in the New Year anyway; especially if results had continued to go the way they have. This would have cost the club a big pay off. However, what have they actually done? Sold their manager for £3 million, bought in another for less than £1 million making a net profit of £2 million that can be added to the January pot? (At least that is what we all hope!)

In addition to all this it is looking increasingly likely that Carson Yeung’s takeover of the club is not likely to go ahead. In some ways I’m relieved despite my initial feelings that the extra injection of cash into the club may have pushed us on. However, if as we are led to believe, he is having problems raising the £35 million needed it suggests he is not prepared to commit any of his own money but merely that of lenders. This does not auger well does it? I’m happy to string along with the Golds, Sully and our Karren for a bit longer frankly. I think that deep down they have the best interests of the club at heart and you never know with a new management regime perhaps a more successful era will follow. ‘The King is dead; long live the King!’



2 Responses to “View From The South – By Eck, It’s All Change At St Andrew’s!”

  1. bruceand bradyfan on November 28th, 2007 6:09 pm

    Absolutely – long live the king. SB served us well but all things considered he done what he thought was right for him good luck SB (unless your playing us)

    I’m delighted with Big Eck as it just seems right? The way it has all come together with the whole of the Scottish management and coaching team joining us. You couldn’t have planned that

    Eric Black couldn’t really have stayed around as we need a new chapter and the three new faces will give us that i believe.

    Our young team will respond quickly and they are a fit bunch and will play with renewed purpose. As part of the euphoria i’m going to predict a win at Tottenahm on Sunday due to ‘new manager’ syndrome where most clubs win one or two games straight after an appointment.

    My hat is off to Gold who has come out of this smelling of roses – in the way he has handled the situation and i would like him to give Yeung a knockback now as we are worth more than the aged offer! Better interest will be shown with the new managment team. Maybe we’ll be eating haggis at half time instead of pukkah pies or even noodles!

    The Scottish bloggs have made some disparaging remarks regarding our club and i’d like to thank them for the endorsement. If they think Eck is too good for our club than that has to mean were going to improve? Thanks Jock(’s) any doubts has been dashed.

    We just need two forwards and a centre half now and i’m sure the Scottish trinity will have a few ideas who they want and in turn they will probably come to join them as it will seem less of a risk.

    Finally if we can finsh 17 or above this season that will do for me and icing on the cake would be to beat Wigan, Blackburn and of course Birmingham 6

    Eckand Bradyfan feeling the rejuvenation already

  2. bruceand bradyfan on November 28th, 2007 6:18 pm


    how do i change from bruceand bradyfan to eckand bradyfan?

    can’t stay as that now can I?

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