Blues Still In For Charlton Striker

Posted on August 31, 2006 
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Blues are once again putting plans in place to make a swoop for Charlton Athletic striker Marcus Bent.

At the beginning of the week, Blues had shelved the idea and Steve Bruce has claimed that he expects today to be quiet. Yet Blues have already signed a young Polish goalkeeper and rumours of Mikael Forssell moving to Blackburn Rovers are doing the rounds.

Is Marcus Bent the body that will replace Mikael if he should move to Blackburn Rovers? Or is Shefki Kuqi part of the deal that might see Mikael move to Wrexham Blackburn? A quick search for Kuqi shows that he has been linked with quite a few moves away from Blackburn Rovers this summer.

Earlier this month Stoke City, Wigan Athletic and Blues were noted down as potential suitors and earlier today Norwich City boss Nigel Worthington admitted interest but also suggested that nothing would happen.

Kuqi is the old brother of former Blues striker Njazi (who by the way was released from FC Groningen earlier this month) and well known as a big target-man style of player, probably not too dissimilar to Emile Heskey. You can read more about him here.

But back to Marcus Bent. Last week I asked an Everton friend of mine what he thought of Bent and he was kind enough to write this article for me. Now the deal might be back on, I figured it might be the time to post a few stats about him.

Despite being just 28, Marcus Bent has already represented 9 clubs. He has previously played for Brentford, Crystal Palace, Port Vale, Sheffield United, Blackburn Rovers, Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Everton and Charlton Athletic. His combined transfer fees add up to just over £9m and he has made 368 league appearances – scoring 80 goals at a rate of 1 every five matches.

He first came to the fore during 1999/2000 season when he played for Sheffield United. He scored 20 goals in 48 league appearances over a thirteen month period before Blackburn Rovers came knocking with a bid of £2.1m. He spent just one year at Blackburn – scoring 8 goals from 22 league starts and fifteen sub appearances – before he was on the move again.

Ipswich parted with £3m to secure the striker and he spent the longest portion of his career at any one club at Portman Road – although he did spent the last six months of his deal there on loan at Leicester City! He netted 21 league goals in in 51 starts (plus 10 as sub) for Ipswich and 9 in 28 starts (5 as sub) for Leicester.

He had to move on again and found himself subject to a £450,000 move to Everton. Just over 18 months at Everton and he once again found himself on the move. He scored just seven goals in 62 appearances for Everton but it was enough for current club Charlton Athletic to part with well over £2m for him. Thus far he has bagged himself just 2 goals in 16 appearances. He has appeared as sub for Charlton on 3 occasions so far this season.

Once again I’d urge you to have a read of this article written by an Everton fan about Bent. It seems to line up with Bent’s constant chopping and changing of clubs. He seems to move, do really well for a time and then feel the need to move on and prove himself somewhere else. £2m seems like a hell of a gamble to me if he’s just going to want to move again in a year’s time.

That said, if we’re going to lose Forssell to Blackburn Rovers (I don’t believe that we will) then we’ll need a replacement and at least we know he’ll be good for six months!


5 Responses to “Blues Still In For Charlton Striker”

  1. bcfc on August 31st, 2006 3:18 pm

    Is Bruce thick or something we dnt need another striker and we dnt need 2 let 1 go in Forssell. The place we shud be tryin 2 strenghtn is the right wing as we dnt have a natuaral right winger.

  2. Sprigglet on August 31st, 2006 4:04 pm

    I think that the answer to the above question is yes he is thick. Come Christmas Bruce will be found out and taking a walk. His tactics are flawed along with his obvious lack of motivational skills. Last season cut me deep and i feel enough is enough. I think Mr Gold and Co should be drawing up their shortlist because Blues will continue to underachieve while Bruce remains in charge!

  3. BlueCrows on August 31st, 2006 4:24 pm

    I think it will be earlier than Xmas and their eye is on Curbishley – he’s supposed to be back from his self imposed exile in Sept so think if we have say 3 bad results on he run – he’ll be in.

  4. Eddie Brown on August 31st, 2006 5:13 pm

    Please !!

  5. Hatton on September 1st, 2006 3:24 am

    Hi,do my other posts get deleted as i cant seem to find them

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