Birmingham City Vs Norwich City – Hoobs Preview

Posted on October 17, 2006 
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Forget referee’s, luck, injuries, black cats and every other excuse offered by Birmingham City’s management team, they have come out with a new pearl. Yes, the blame for Blues relegation and subsequent seventh position in the league is firmly down to the supporters.

Whether you believe Steve Bruce should be given more time or now, one thing is certain, Bruce has actually had an easy ride. I can’t think of many supporters that would have watched a team surrender last season with a pace that shocked even the French army (usually the first to throw in the towel). Can anyone imagine Newcastle, Manchester United or even Fulham getting spanked 7-0 at home in the FA Cup in one of the most spineless displays ever witnessed on national TV with barely a murmour of dissent against the manager?

However, nothing will come between Bruce and his big excuse, this is now a man so embattled and to embittered that a new excuse a week is not only the norm, but actually expected.

So, this week it’s the fans. Of course last week it was that the ‘season starts here’, and we promptly lost. The week before was that Cardiff couldn’t possibly keep their form going due to their ‘small squad’, a squad that consists of 23 players to Birmingham City’s 24. Of course, before that it was ‘gelling’, I mean how can a manager get a team with 8 new players to perform? Well, you could ask Dave Jones, Steve, as his team are top of the league and have 9 new players. You see, the point is not to take-in what Steve Bruce says, it’s all complete nonsense anyway, as much as he try’s to deflect the blame it ultimately is his responsibility.

Take the Luton game as an example, we didn’t play that badly, but a bad referee’s decision and kamikaze defending put paid to us. Forgotten amongst all the analysis is that we’ve actually scored two goals in each of our last two games. That’s four away goals! I guess that’s not many away from the total scored last season. But we’re shipping them, and despite procrastinations about referee’s and luck it’s the manager’s responsibility. How are players expected to take responsibility for their actions when the manager won’t? We’ve developed a culture of excuse’s, lose a game it doesn’t matter, get ‘rent a quote’ in the Mail to say it will be better in the next game and ‘move on’. Yes, lets use the great battle cry of the Government, let’s not face our responsibilities and ‘move on’

And like anyone that fails to ‘move on’ when the Government tells us to when they are questioned, so Steve Bruce wants to ‘move on’ weekly. Don’t question him, don’t criticise him, just ‘move on’ to the next game, then to the next, then to the next.

Norwich roll in to town tonight with a new manager in tow, Peter Grant. Now, I know nothing about Peter Grant, but any team with a new manager will always be a tough test. In Robert Earnshaw they have a player that is always likely to score goals and the defence will be up for a stern test.

But don’t panic Mr Manwairing, we’re going ‘back to basics’, which will probably mean an overly defensive midfield, pack the back and don’t concede, we might get one on the break.

I’m bringing a pillow, an alarm clock and my Thomas the Tank Engine pyjama’s


Hooby prediction  0-0 (Jaidi to be interviewed in Thursdays Evening Mail telling supporters not to panic)


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  1. Graham A on October 17th, 2006 6:14 pm

    Oh gawd. I hope we win cos I’m working in Norwich and I can hear the stick now!!!

    C’mon Blues, Brucie has been threatening that we will thrash someone soon. Please please please make it tonight!!!

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