Things Are Looking Up

Posted on November 3, 2006 
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Another Friday rambling from Cliff.


Well that’s been a good few weeks and everyone that’s read my ramblings will know I have always backed Bruce as he is a superb tactical manager, and never makes odd decisions! OK, that’s very tongue in cheek but in all fairness he seems to either be riding some massive wave of luck or has finally found a system which suits the players, and hopefully will please some of the fans.

I for one am still fairly on the fence about it all. Is this now proof that Bruce has turned the corner? I obviously do not know but am willing to give him a chance to prove everyone wrong.

The game against Albion was a strange one for me, I know they missed some chances but looking back on the game so did we. Muamba is a superb player and alongside Clemence appear to be the first choice for now. Bruce has been quoted as saying we have no chance of signing him permanently but who knows. I know some fans are fed up we are using loan players but when an exceptional one comes along you would be foolish not to use them.

It would seem the injury to Dunn could be a blessing in some ways, I know he has his supporters but he really does not appear fit enough to do the up and down like a player like Muamba. That energy in the middle of the field I think is crucial to any successful team.

I could not go to the Coventry game as my daughter was not too well but it would appear we played well, some reports even suggest we controlled it for long periods. Stephen Kelly came out and said we could have beaten them by fix or six goals! That to me seems like an odd thing for a player to come out and say, but it does show some confidence is returning to the squad at last.

I have noticed that generally football fans are not happy unless they are moaning and in many ways I am the same. It is far easier to write about bad things and the things you do not agree with. Football in particular seems to be the one thing that we will never be happy about, look at me at the Albion game. Winning the game 1-0 and he decides to make a sub which I do not agree with. I was moaning and whining, bear in mind we were winning!

Bruce for now is the manager, we should really get behind him, yet it is not that easy for me personally. I am trying to get over my problems with Bruce and truly hope he takes the club back to the promised land. People seem obsessed when talking about the Blues at the moment to say which camp they are in, Bruce in or out. This very site has a Bruce-o-meter. I for one could not care less who is in charge as long as we are winning or at least entertaining occasionally. Bruce stays or goes whatever, the club must move on.

I think Bruce was a little over the top regarding the incident with Johnson but on the whole things seem to be back to normal within the club. Hopefully the arrogance which had come to the fore from Bruce will now go away again and he will become the manager he promised to be a couple of seasons ago.

On the subject of managers I read something recently that said the Blues were torn between two managers when they appointed Barry Fry, I am not sure how true it is but allegedly the other option was one Martin O’Neil. Now would he have been a success at this club or maybe he would have gone the way of Fry? I often think about things like that, was O’Neil destined to be a great manager or would we have managed to knock that potential out of him? Fry was entertaining and it is sometimes forgotten he was very well thought of before he came to us.

This weekend sees us go to Plymouth which is a big test, they are nicely placed and seem to be doing well. Their home record is not that great though and they seem to be drawing a few. I think we should still be looking to go there and win, but maybe that’s my arrogance now showing through!

Have a good weekend

Plymouth 1 – Blues 1


2 Responses to “Things Are Looking Up”

  1. The Real Taz on November 3rd, 2006 11:34 am

    I’m afraid I still have my concerns. Yes, we appear to have turned a little bit of a corner but, it is the same little bit of a corner we appeared to turn after the Liverpool thrashing. Let’s look a t the similarities.

    Liverpool: Diabolical performance, discribed by Bruce as the worst night in his career. Sully slags off the squad and causes a controversiall uproar. Bruce takes offence and rushes to protect his players from all this nasty criticism. Direct result – some improvement in team selection, tactics and performance, although this didn’t last.

    Norwich:Diabolical performance, discribed by Bruce as the worst night in his career. Fans finally show their frustration with some calling for Bruce’s head. Bruce takes offence and rushes to protect his players and his managerial skills. Once again accuses the fans of talking rubbish and not knowing anything about football. Direct result – some improvement in team selection, tactics and performance, although it remains to be seen how permanent this “improvement” is.

    Like all Blues fans, I sincerely hope that we succeed and return to the Premiership at the first attempt. Whether we do or not, is something to look forward to. We appear to be playing better football lately and long may it continue but……. just like it has taken me over two seasons (not just a few weeks) to get to the stage of believing it is time for Mr Bruce to move on, it will take more than just a few reasonable results to be convinced that , maybe he should stay after all.

    As a Blues’ fan of old, I have suffered far too many false dawns to start believing in fairy tales. Also, as a Blues’ fan of old, I have suffered to many set-backs to remain down for long and I am convinced that we have a rosy future ahead – with or without Bruce, I am certain we will return to the Premiership at the end of this season.

  2. lister on November 3rd, 2006 1:13 pm

    you might see the Plymouth game as a test of the luck over ability argument. It goes something along the lines of if we win this one then it can’t all be luck! Or perhaps this will be the season of seaside town slip ups? The team selection is presumably straightforward, and as I can’t go I am looking forward to a stressful and nailbiting last 20 minutes as we defend either a nil nil or a nil 1.

    I know this counts as a big game, but I would really like to see him partner Bendtner and Forsell, with a left and right winger and an attacking central midfield – particularly now that Sadler and Kelly seem to be settling down as full backs. After all, Plymouth are not a particularly attacking team, they have only scored 2 more than us, and theyve shipped more at home!

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