Southampton 4-3 Birmingham City – Review And Reaction

Posted on November 30, 2006 
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Don’t think I haven’t received enough stick for my confident predictions already. I’m beginning to regret submitting this to Dave Thomas at MIB too…

Last night saw the newly created Joys & Sorrows chat room given it’s first outing and it was fairly busy all night with people listening to the game via BRMB, Radio WM and various web commentaries all getting different events at different times. After just twenty minutes we were 3-0 down and that was it, it was all the fault of the newly created real time interaction tool.

I’m one of the ones that still listens to BRMB since I’m not keen on the ‘experts’ on WM and Broadhurst still drops the odd useful bit of analysis unlike his co-commentator who was a source of amusement all night during the chatters of this fine community. It’s almost impossible to work out what’s happening when Ross goes into helium mode.

But onto the game. 20 minutes gone and it felt like it was all but over. Broadhurst had claimed that our opening twelve minutes had been the best we’d started all season. Isn’t it typical that just 10 minutes later, we were 3 goals down. Larsson was, supposedly, at fault for the first goal (as he was up at Burnley) and Taylor flapped at another. I’ve seen the goals on Sky Sports News but too quickly to really analyse them.

Half time came and everyone agreed that we probably wouldn’t get back into the game but it would probably be wise to stick Jerome on up top and move McSheffrey out to the left and Larsson play on the right. Another option was of course to move Danns into the middle for a more potent goal threat but with the Saints playing three in the middle, we needed the workmanlike energies of Clemence and Muamba in my opinion.

Into the second half and Southampton missed a great chance to make it 4-0 and all I wanted was the final whistle. I saw the incident on Sky Sports News earlier and the Saints player on the line heads it out for us! Then he gets a second bite of the cherry and manages to slam it against the bar. How it stayed out I’ll never know. Bruce brought Danns and Muamba off for Jerome and Nafti.
McSheffrey hit the crossbar, Larsson hit the post… it sounded like it wasn’t going to go our way. Just over 20 minutes to go and Blues managed to nick one. Jerome couldn’t fail to knock the ball home from a couple of yards out from a Blues corner. Four minutes later it got even better as Bendtner finished neatly from a rebound off the ‘keeper. The chat room buzzed, the Blues battled… I honestly thought we’d nick something after that.

Just six minutes later and Burley did a Bruce! He brought on Bradley Wright-Phillips and the younger brother of the former England winger (Heh!) brought it down and finished nicely to practically put the game out of the reach of Blues – just 12 minutes left to nick two goals.

Injury time came and Radhi Jaidi managed to bag himself a goal from around six yards out from a corner (our second of the night!) but surely too late? DJ Campbell had a great chance and managed to hit the bar in the very last few seconds of the game but it simply wasn’t to be.

Blues managed seventeen attempts to the home side’s thirteen. Southampton managed just five shots on target whilst Blues managed seven. We also managed six corners to two of the home side. Overall it sounded as though we were fine going forward but lazy and sloppy defensively.

A minor blip I feel but after being 3-0 down so early, nicking something was always going to be damn near impossible. Credit must go to the battling qualities on show as, had this been the team of a couple of months ago, we’d have capitulated and had a Liverpool FA Cup type score on our hands.

Onto Plymouth…

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5 Responses to “Southampton 4-3 Birmingham City – Review And Reaction”

  1. Richy on November 30th, 2006 3:24 pm

    Well i guess Upson is inwardly delighted that he has been given a great opportunity to come in and show tiny how its really done.
    To score 3 away from home and come away with nothing sucks.
    Especially when we drop 2 points at home to the dingles because we cant even score a second at home.

  2. Bixsy on November 30th, 2006 4:50 pm

    Its a blip in whats going to be a long hard season.

    Lets get behind the team this Saturday vs Plymouth and hopefully bag the three points.

  3. Bloo on November 30th, 2006 5:25 pm

    The result did’nt go our way but credit where credit is due they came back and battled. The ‘Blues’ of old would have thrown in the towel at half time.
    We did look good for the first 12 mins, knocked it around really well,pacy too. Just 7 mins later it was 0-3. I don’t really know what happened but the hesitancy in defence was there for all to see. Even so we still looked good going forward. It was discussed at half time that teams do lose 3 goal leads. Liverpool won the European cup from 3 down. I’ve seen Blues lose a 3 goal lead against Fulham at home in the late 70’s early 80’s. Who can forget Swindon 4-1 after 52mins to 4-6 ! again at home. So it can be done. Mike Osman the M.C at St Marys warned them as they came out for the second half not to be complacent.
    They had a chance to make it 4 almost immediately but after that the half was ours. McSheffrey hit the angle and Larsson the post before we scored.
    1-3 Jerome, 2-3 Bendtner. Hopes were now rising rapidly. Then on came Wright- Phillips. Two touches left Tiny for dead, 2-4, well maybe not then. Jaidi 3-4.
    Their goalie and full back had a punch up over whose fault it was. That incident plus a couple of feigning injury instances, by them, gave us 4 mins of stoppage time which nearly cost them dearly. All but for the thickness of a lick of paint, with about 10 seconds left, DJ almost finished off an amazing comeback.
    The fighting spirit was superb, you cannot fault it.
    The defence though was a problem. Is it time for Uppy ?
    Going forward we looked good there always seemed to be a goal in us.

    Derby have closed the pack but we only really lost a point to Preston so its not that bad. It could have been a lot worse.

    The result was a one off so lets move on to the weekend.
    Plymouth then Preston, 6 pts a must !!

    Come on Blues. KRO. SOTV.

  4. Steve D on November 30th, 2006 5:46 pm

    I was amazed by the ref who was the worst “homer” ~I have seen all season. He booked our players for fun and to appease the home crowd. Then after our third goal, their defender said something to upset their keeper. The keeper ran after him and planted a punch rugby ruck style. What no booking?.- Nah not even a talking too. Losing their keeper for 3 matches might have upset their improved run. Over to you FA, you’ve got the video!
    PS for 85 minutes last night we were brilliant!.

  5. lister on November 30th, 2006 6:07 pm

    Bruce will focus on the 3 goals away from home, and the bookings we got hardly seem justified, but conceding 4, with 3 in a blinding spell in the first half may undo all of the confidence we have been building with our recent run of form.

    Its all well and good looking at the next few home games, but Preston are hardly going to be a walk over, and we don’t seem to have the same form at home as away. If post-Norwich was a big challenge for Bruce’s man management skills, then this is bigger. He has to keep up the momentum. There are 4 or five teams around us “in the pack” – and now is the time that one or two may break!

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