Barnsley 1-0 Birmingham City – Away Day With Murph

Posted on April 10, 2007 
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After the garbage served up at St Andrews against Burnley this Bluenose was going to spend his Bank Holiday Monday at home. However, the lure of the Blues and a big following up at Oakwell saw me heading up the motorway.

It was a lovely morning and I set off about 10. I didn’t see a single Blues coach or another Bluenose. ‘Strange’ I thought. Ah well I was going up the M69/M1 way from my part of Warwickshire so I tootled onward.

I found a great place to park and a great pub, the Holleywell Inn, on the Oakwell road right next to the Barnsley Brewery. I walked in and found Bartley Jim and A&E already in there among other Bluenoses. The place was friendly and not only did they have a pool table and a slot machine, they served hot food so the few Bluenoses who knew about this gem of a boozer were well happy.

As I sat outside in the sun, I thought about the blue hoards on the coaches who would not be able to get a beer and be shunted into the ground. I sipped my lager shandy, with a smile. Sorry, I don’t mean to be nasty to those who caught the char-a-bancs but I’ve seen it and done it in the 70’s and the mayhem of the cup trip to Spurs is still the main reason why I travel independently.

Let me explain about the locals in the pub. Salt of the earth, ruddy Yorkshire folk who lived right opposite the pub and the pub was the centre of their world. It was a community centre/nursery/counselling centre/ank/employment agency and everything else rolled into one. I sat there listening to the life of ‘Yorkshire folk’ and the theme from the Hovis advert came into my mind.

I guessed that the coaches had arrived when I heard the familiar sound of KRO from the ground, just up the road. As normal I had sorted my day around the game and having got to the ground, found a parking place, a pub and some people I knew, I was ready to set off for the game.

‘Where you going?’ A&E said as I announced that I was off to the ground. ‘Why you going so early?’
‘Arrrgggh!’ I had thought it was a 1.30 kick off and was mystified as to why I got that time into my head.

So I went back to my car to eat my sarnies and listen to the footie on the radio, like billy no mates. I ambled up to the ground and the noise from the Blues fans was great. I saw all the coaches parked up near the ground and impressive sight it was, fair play to the Blues for putting them on and also fair play to Barnsley for selling us 7,000 tickets. Mind you they did the same to West Bromwich Albion/Derby County/Sunderland so their attendance figures will be up this season!

The Blues fans were singing away and it was good to see so many youngsters. I could do without our travelling army of chavs who were intent on causing the stewards as much trouble as possible. The whole of the North Stand was rocking to Blues singing, the high point of the day for me was during the warm up when the ref got hit by a ball on the head from ‘Bendy’. He stood in front of the Blues fans and milked the applause.

We could have been 4 down at half time through some awful defending. The fans gave the players a great round of applause as they trooped off at half time. It must get better in the second half.

Blues started brightly and a truly fantastic KRO reverberated around the ground, you know the one that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you think that the players must respond to it by upping their performance? Well Blues let Barnsley run down the left and score!

Some Barnsley idiots to the left of our support started to give it the real ‘big un’. There was only about 10 of them and one fat ugly girl in green. There was plenty of gesticulating and the Police decided to video the Blues fans! I will leave the the lads who write the football report to tell you about the missed chances and the team Bruce picked etc, I’d just like to say that I thought McSheffrey was truly awful today, mind you most of you reading this will have been at the game. The result, you already know and I am still in shock that we could throw away the chance to go top and have a game in hand over the holiday period.

You know just when we could be on the edge of something big, just when you think ‘This is it!’, that Blues will always let you down, break your heart and leave you to think ‘Why do I bother?’ Ah well!



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  1. Steve D on April 11th, 2007 9:59 am

    If losing at Barnsley wasnt bad enough, I would like to express my disgust at the attitude of the so called Bluenoses leaving the Coventry Road Car Park. Bumper to Bumper, wing to wing. All snarling and swearing at each other as if each individual had a divine right to go first.
    What a bunch of to**ers. I could not believe that I had anything in common with them. Worst offender was one of the senior stewards and his wife, who got in their Jaguar and drove a direct route to the exit, not giving a stuff for anyone. Looking at the state of them, I guess they were heading to the chip shop for their daily intake of whale meat. Ah well, at this rate we’ll be back in Barnsley about this time next year!

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