Loyalty in Football

June 18, 2011 8

My friend and fellow blogger, (Often Partisan),  almajir who’s articles often guest here, wrote this one on Gardner and the possibility of him leaving. It got me thinking about loyalty in football in a more general way. Almajir cites Alan Smith and him saying he wouldn’t play for Leeds and Read More

Boo or Not to Boo – That is the Question!

April 30, 2011 3

Booing No, not the sound Zebedee makes in the ‘Magic Roundabout’, that has an extra letter ‘i’ in it! No, this is the magical debate about whether it’s right or not to boo your team, and – if so – when it’s right. Personally I’ve never booed my team, though Read More

Gerard Houllier

April 22, 2011 19

Yes we are a Blues site, yes the Villa are our rivals – but I’d like to take the opportunity to wish the Villa manager a speedy recovery from his illness. Some things are more important than rivalry! Kev

So Who Will Go Down This Season?

April 20, 2011 5

Here is Bazza’s take on the relegation fight! Last year I stuck my neck out with about eight games to go and predicted which teams would leave the Premier League which proved to be accurate. I did this in two ways; by way of my personal predictions, some of which Read More

Support the Green Army!

February 3, 2011 4

The Aviva advert has made one of Plymouth Argyle’s chants, a household phrase! I think I have mentioned a number of times that I live in Devon, and I genuinely have a soft spot for Argyle. I used to go and watch them if I couldn’t get to Blues and Read More

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