J&S Affiliate Scheme Update

I have re-designed the whole Affiliate Malarky.

By clicking the affiliate image on the right hand side of the blog, it will open a new page with a contents by alphabet. If you know the name of the company you want to buy from, select the letter, scroll down and click the link on the left hand side, (usually an image) to go to the website. Purchase your goods and you should then be generating funds for J&S.

There is also a search facility to search for product / service. Under the Alphabet table there is some text, you will see a hyperlink to the search page. Enter what you are looking for say Hosting, Insurance or Gifts – then search. Hopefully a number of returns will appear for you to check.

If the company you want, or the service or product you are after isn’t there – send me a PM and I’ll look to get it added. In the last few days, I’ve added another 20 or so names including Amazon, Argos, Gamestation, Dabs and the Post Office to name a few.

I will try and let you know as I add more. I am waiting on Ebay to get back to me at the moment.

Remember if you think there should be something added – contact me.

PLEASE try and use the links if you are going to buy something. It will NOT cost you any extra, but you WILL be raising fund for the site.


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