Curry Favour, err Flavour

I know this is a blog about the Blues, but as this relates to Birmingham, (the City rather than football side) – I thought I’d share it with you.

Many of you may know I don’t live in the midlands – I live in the South West. Anyway I was up on a business trip to Wrexham on Tuesday / Wednesday. On the way back, I decided to pop into Brum to have a balti.

I stopped at the Royal Kings Paradise Balti House on the Stratford Road Sparkhill. I have been there a number of times before, and never had a bad meal. I was made very welcome by the owner’s dad. I had some popodoms and dips – including a chilli dip that had cumin in it. That was gorgeous.

I had a sheesh kebab (sp?) for starters. Cooked perfectly and that nice spicy edge to it. For main course I had a chicken, mushroom and spinach balti cooked medium hot. Well I have been eating balti’s since the early ’80’s, (although not so much in recent times), but I have to say that this one goes down as an all time favourite.

The food was spot on, the service was excellent and the cost very reasonable. I would like to whole heartedly recommend the Royal Kings as a place to have a balti.

You will find it at 321 Stratford Road Sparkhill. Google map!

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