Blues v Fulham Post Match Brief Thoughts

I’m sure Bazza will produce a more comprehensive report with his view from the south, but I thought I would just give my perspective.

Obviously, Saturday was dominated by the meeting with Michael Dunford, but of course there WAS a game to go to as well! After the meeting, Aylesburyblue and myself headed to the Royal George where we met up with some J&S members. (Nat, Ian and SkyDaz). I also tasted the new Blue Queudrue Curry. For those of you who haven’t tried it, I thought it was a very enjoyable flavour – although not spicy enough for me. It didn’t put Nat off, he ate his own and Ians.

It was chucking it down, and as we were in block 22 of the kop – we feared we would get soaked. Thankfully, (for us at least!), it was coming over the top of the kop towards the main stand. I can only sympathise with all of you who were sat there.

Although the weather was bad, I was hopeful of a decent performance after recent games. Although I should have had my suspicions, after seeing the following tactics on the board during our visit!

Team Talk! Or not! ;-)
Team Talk! Or not! 😉

Only joking! But it was frustrating to watch the ball be put into their RB position, only to be cleared almost immediately.

We did produce 2 or 3 good moves, and when we did we looked like we could get through Fulham. The goal came from a class move ending with a lovely chip over the top, (into the corner as shown above!), by McFadden, – for MOM Lee Bowyer to chip over Schwarzer. Fulham huffed and puffed – but only really created a couple of good chances – Hart pulled off one great save. Johnson and Dann continued to look strong and solid at the back.

Most of the midfield didn’t get into the game because of the long ball tactic – but to be honest, I’m not bothered. At this stage it is all about getting points, and we are now on 15 and heading in the right direction. Hopefully January will bring a playmaker or two in, and we will finish the 2nd half of the season strongly and look to build for next year.


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