The PL Issue Wolves a Suspended Fine

I see the Wolverhampton Wanderers have been hit with a suspended £25,000 fine for fielding a weakened side against Manchester United. Now while at the time I thought Mick McCarthy was mad to do that, Wolves had just had a good result against Spurs, and they just MIGHT have got something against United – the thing is what is going on here? So why would they fine Wolves? What are the rules?

The Premier League rules relating to this subject are:

E 20 In every League Match each participating Club shall field a full strength team.

B 13 In all matters and transactions relating to the League each Club shall behave towards each other Club and the League with the utmost good faith.

It seems cut and dried then, Wolves deserve their fine – let’s move on, however it isn’t that simple.

The top four have played weakened sides in a variety of games to protect themselves for the likes of the Champions League. Any fines dished out? No. Why? Well because of the talent that they have at the clubs. With the greatest respect to Wolves, or in fact virtually any other side in the Premier League outside of the top four or five – it would be obvious that they have fielded a reserve side. It would be less so for the other sides, and therefore they won’t ever get fined for this.

This isn’t a knock at the top four, it should be up to clubs if they want to play their reserves for whatever reason, I think they should be entitled to.

With hindsight, McCarthy should have left three or four of his first team in to make it look less obvious! 😀

Mind you, Wolves did beat Burnley the following game, and if those three points mean that they stay up – then a £25,000 suspended sentence will be worth it!


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6 Comments on The PL Issue Wolves a Suspended Fine

  1. Sorry – but that’s pants what you say about the top 4… the rules say ‘Full Strength’, not ‘players of a certain level of talent as ascertained by the EPL’. The top four and every club from now on should be fined whenever they rest a player who isn’t injured. Simple as.

  2. Why is it pants? The truth is if Man Utd play their reserves they would beat most sides in the league and therefore would be stronger, something that the PL wouldn’t contest and therefore not fine them.

    Your second statement backed up the very point I was making.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂


  3. Apologies, in my red mist it sounded like you were justifying the EPL’s decision.. upon rereading i think I got it wrong.

    Rather than pants, your statement is a pair of the finest Paul Smith suit trousers.

  4. surely a full strength team is any of your players from your first team squad.
    why wern’t man utd fined last year for the weak team vs hull
    or portsmouth weak team in last one or two games in league before they played in 2008 cup final
    as usual FA bias
    same as the bias we may see over the next few weeks towards portsmouth again
    when they are granted some favours to keep them afloat while clubs who run their finances on a sound footing recieve no favours

  5. if the prem advance Portsmouth the money to pay the inland revenue then they should also deduct them the 9 points and although i dont agree with what McCarthy did this just proves there is one rule 4 the big clubs and one 4 the lesser ones

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