Blues v Fulham Brief Post Match Thoughts
May 15, 2011 Blues News

How Fulham didn’t score 10 I don’t know. As soon as I saw the team I knew we’d lose no pace, no creativity. Why McLeish didn’t play Beausejour from the start I really don’t know, he has played well in his recent performances and has pace.

We got what we deserved, nothing. The players clearly didn’t care at all, not one of them wants us to stay up. It was a gutless pathetic performance.

Blues players and staff, you should hang your heads in shame after the recent performances, not just today’s terrible performance.

We ARE going down – time for wholesale changes at the club I think. Time to build afresh.

Ho hum.

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  1. Gerrit Forward

    Far too nice and far too positive for me, Kev.

  2. For anyone interested in blues merchandise …….we got loads left and look likely to have for years after that performance
    like trying to sell england stuff after the world cup !
    team not interested,fans not interested , ebay not interested

  3. just read a report on newsnow with mcleish wanting “rottweilers” all he got was andrex puppies

  4. ahahahahaahahahaahah, your going down lmfao….. back to where u belong ahahaahhaahaahah

  5. Forget the unfortunate injurys , and the unfortunate sendings off , and the unfortunate loans that haven’t worked out , and the unfortunate decisions that haven’t gone our way , forget all that …….. we have been toothless for weeks and weeks now , I see huge positives in other Premiership teams week in week out , even the fellow strugglers , and that’s without conciously looking for them ! but us ? we are a disgrace , an utter disgrace , I hate to type these words , but we have NO PLACE in the Premiership .

  6. we were in trouble from the first minute. i don’t think i have EVER seen a performance (if i can call it that because no one did) as bad as that one. AM obviously can’t motivate. so often we give teams goal starts and its that kick up the backside that gets us playing. as soon as i saw the team sheet i thought…… where are the goals gonna come from?

    yes, we’ve had our injuries at the wrong time of the season, but why persist with CJ? he runs and runs and runs, so what, we need him to score goals, 3 in 33 games this season is hardly good for our ‘main striker’. we have no creativity in midfield, no real pace out in wide areas, no pace at the back, our strikers can’t hit a bovines behind with a musical instrument.

    at this rate we will be in the championship for a long time to come with a mediocre squad and a mediocre manager

  7. Aylesburyblue

    Today was an absolute horror show. The team has fallen apart in the last few weeks and today was the lowest point yet. I have never felt so bad leaving a football stadium.

    Even if we do stay up we need to make a lot of changes.

  8. Just though you mind find these stats interesting. The rot has set in a long time ago. Since our unbeaten run last season, here are our figures.

    P54 W12 D20 L22 F53 A84 GD -31

    That works out a win rate of just 22% but more worrying we haven’t even managed a goal a game!! Apart from that unbeaten run and of course the cup run this year, this is very worrying and disapointing. What will Carsen Yeung do if we go down?? All his plans for the club were based on us staying a Premiership team. Players missing from team sheet next year; Hleb, Larsson, Bowyer, Derbyshire, Bentley, Phillips. All out of contract or loans up. Will the likes of Johnson & Dann want to play in the championship again??
    Also no Premiership money and we are already around £28m in debt!!!! All worrying times.
    I dread to think what might happen.

  9. Bluenoseinaustin

    Well I have to wonder if my learned brother, Bazza, will even bother writing his usual detailed report on this one. If I were him I would pour myself a most unhealthily (is that a proper word? not sure) large measure of scotch, take the ball and chain out for a few tiddlies and a ruby and forget about it till next season. It was a truly wretched performance and though I hate to admit it, I actually hope that BOTH Blackpool and Wolves stay up (see my previous comments to the last of Bazza’s report). I have seen the highlights of both Wolves’ and Blackpool’s games and both of them deserve to stay up based on those performances alone. Sorry to be so negative but the fans who pay good money to go to see that rubbish can be forgiven for losing patience with the present state of affairs.

  10. BornBlueNosed

    It was a horror show of the worst sort. I wouldn’t have minded losing if the team had fought and lost but they just rolled over. The only person I saw show any passion was Carr who was looking seriously frustrated as everything he did came to nothing and his team mates did nothing for him. With that performance at such a crunch game we deserve to go down and this time around it may be a while before we come back up.

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