Clark to be Confirmed as Blues New Boss?

If the media outlets are correct, Lee Clark will be confirmed as our new manager today or tomorrow. His name has been the favourite to replace Chris Hughton for a number of days so isn’t a surprise. However the pending announcement hasn’t created the same buzz as the appointment made this time last year.

I feel sorry for Lee. There have been some pretty negative comments about him already and he hasn’t even started yet. It can’t be easy succeeding probably the most popular manager we’ve had in recent years. Also his job will be made more difficult with the existing constraints of the transfer embargo, which surely put off other possible candidates. There are opinions that he didn’t do well at Huddersfield and questions over his style of play. The truth is, he will have a new set of players who probably are of a higher quality than he has before – so no one REALLY knows how we will play or how successful he will be until the season starts.

The other criticism, is that he is inexperienced with his work being in the lower levels of the league. While I understand that employing an inexperienced manager is a risk, I don’t see what else we could have done. There didn’t appear to be a long queue of people wanting to become our next manager, and we have to face the fact that we are where we are, (which no one really knows IS because of the secrecy of the board). There are a number of clubs that have employed inexperienced men who have benefited. Reading and Southampton spring to mind as two.

So I would like to welcome Lee, and I hope that with this set of players, he can bring some smiles back on the long suffering Bluenoses that support this great club of ours. I hope the fans get behind him and the side as we prepare for this season’s attempt at gaining promotion back to the top flight.


We will do a spotlight blog as and when Lee is appointed.

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  1. The most important thing is that the players want to play for the manager, doesnt matter who it is. Thats the way it happened for Hughton. Im lookin forward to the new appointment and if the players give their all for Lee Clark like they did Hughton, then im sure any cynics will soon disappear.

  2. It is a fact that Blues are a poorly supported club (even in the premiership we hardly ever filled the ground) except when we reach a final. When we have been to Wembley for finals (admittedly in mickey mouse cups,apart from the Carling Cup),we could and would have filled Wembley ourselves. So why don’t these people who make these rare appearances, support the team in league games. When we get to a final, they suddenly become bluenoses. This lack of support,is one of the reasons why we have problems getting decent people to buy the club. For the same reason, we have difficulty chosing managers. Whoever becomes the next manager, we need to give him the support of all the true fans,that go to St. Andrews on a regular basis. The rest can keep their mouths shut. KRO

  3. best of luck lee, c’mon you blues !
    lets move on from chris he’s like an ex-girlfriend who chose someone else ffs !

  4. I’m one of those critical of the club interviewing him, but that is because as fans we don’t have all the facts and what is truly going on at the club.
    In an ideal world it would have been Holloway, Curbs or someone similar, but as the days have passed and some have dropped out and now selling one of our rising players, it has become more apparent as to where ( or not ) the club is going and the type we can attract.
    Now he’s is here i will get behind him 100% and hopefully he will quickly build some rapport with the fans.
    Thanks to this Board he is on a sticky wicket as much as us.

  5. Hi blues fans, I am a mag, and Clarkie is a hell of a coach, he was extremely well thought of at Newcastle, and Glenn Roeder offered him advancement at Norwich, he must have been doing something right because Huddersfield grabbed him, I know it went a bit strange at Huddersfield but Simon Grayson was fulsome in his praise of Clarkie, saying he deserved huge credit as this was Lee’s team that won promotion. I think you will do well, best of luck for the coming season, get back in the premiership even if it is only to wind up those miserable Villa fans

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