Birmingham City vs Charlton Athletic – Brief Post Match Thoughts

A point gained from a below par performance but there’s a long way to go so no need to worry yet.  These are the things I learnt today.

1.  The new walk on the music is not a very original choice.

2.  Darren Ambrose on the left looks a little out of place.

3.  Ravel Morrison shows promise.

4.  Nikola Zigic could have been brought on earlier.  May be on his way.

5.  Marlon King has still not learnt the offside rule.

6.  We could do with Stephen Carr back.

7.  The passing still needs to improve.

8.  Chris Hughton has a difficult task.

9. Charlton need to improve their finishing but should be OK this season.

10.  You can’t judge anything from the first game off the season.  Swansea aren’t going to win the Premiership and Liverpool won’t get relegated.


Nice to have football back.

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2 Comments on Birmingham City vs Charlton Athletic – Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. I know nothing in football is certain, but Clarke gave an interview to Radio WM after the match, and he sounded very much like Zigic was firmly in his plans. Surely if we were trying to get rid, before season starts was the best time? Hopefully he’ll start against Sheffield and score another four. KRO.

    PS What is the new music??

  2. Yes lets talk about the music shall we Russ ?……… because I’m afraid that that was as poor an opening game that I can ever remember . No aeriel ‘ presence ‘ ANYWHERE on the pitch at all , Cauldwell looked like this could be a season too far for him at this level ( already !! ) and Davies had a strange distant and detached air about him , leaving young Jack to marshall the defence, making virtually every decision and generally shouldering a massive amount of responsibility in what was his FIRST bloody game , unbelievable !………
    However, I won’t go on , because yes , it was only the first match of a long long season ahead , but dear me we looked awful.

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