Well HOW typical Blues was that?

I spent the match flicking between SSN and 5L. While we were 1-0 down I still thought we had a chance – especially when Leicester went 1 up. But typical Blues, Bolton went 2-0 up looking like they had consigned us to 3rd tier football. The emotions were all over the place, my son and I just incredulous with what had happened….


Caddis, who has scored some important goals this season, popped up with probably the most important. AMAZING. We were jumping up and down in our lounge going mad. The next 3 minutes took a lifetime….


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Two thoughts, (others will provide match related stuff).

Firstly a thought goes out to Doncaster Rovers and their fans – we have been there, we know what it’s like and I feel for them because we probably SHOULD have gone down.

Secondly, last night I had a dream (this is absolutely the truth) that we scored in the last minute looking to save us, however there was a goal elsewhere that relegated us. I am SO glad my dream was only half right!

So add your stories below. Were you like me hanging onto a radio commentary, or were you actually there?



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  1. I treated myself to a barbecue and listened to the radio at the grill. My dad took himself to the middle of the Irish Sea (no really) so he wouldn’t hear the drama unfold. Typical Blues losing when Doncaster lost. Or Doncaster equaliser after ours. But it didn’t happen like that did it? ? Keep Right On. Still fighting in the Championship! !

  2. What a day!! so emotional but fantastic outcome at the death! Zigic was again in the thick of everything good we did, scored one and made one, thanks to Leicester for doing their bit, we live to fight another day in the championship, lets hope we don’t have to go through that again!
    Lets hope the summer a few things can be ironed out over the ownership and whether Lee Clark is here or not his celebration at the end will live long in the memory, you cannot knock the enthusiasm and passion, he clearly loves the blues… whether he is the man to take us forward????

  3. 50 years blues fan…what a day!!!! history records only the successes but today was equally as important as winning the cup final. the cup final was our ‘D’ Day but today was our Dunkirk. lets look forward to new owner and a new future full of promise

  4. Nearly had a heart attack today, watched the game in a pub I was just starting to hate Lee Clarke but after seeing his celebration at the final whistle I love him now. Something the great Barry Fry would have done. The blues fans were so loud it sounded like a full st Andrews just imagine if they sold us more tickets the noise would have shifted the earth off its axis and killed all the villa fans. Lucky for them that never happened love the Blues keep right on!!!

  5. Spent the game veering like a drunk between apathy, resignation, anger, hope, disbelief and of course joy unconfined. The parallels with Fry are uncanny – his passion makes Clark slightly unbalanced. In spite, or rather because of his faults, he remains the perfect manager for Blues. Worry for his health and sanity, though. Howay Clorkie!

  6. ‘The perfect manager for Blues’? That a wind-up? The only reason we weren’t relegated today was the players and fans wanted survival more than Doncaster did. Just one goal from Rovers and we’d be staring at League One now. Clark, like his employers, has been an unmitigated disaster for this club. Don’t forget we conceded two before ever we equalised. Our only salvation came because we kept on for the last fifteen minutes. One goal from Donny could have sunk us.

  7. I had to work today but got home in time to keep an eye on the results for the last 15 mins and I really thought we were gonners but in typical blues fashion we we get a goal at the death. but back to reality now and just looking at the poll that says the majority of fans want lee clark as manager. now I cant fault the blokes passion for the game and the club but he has no idea about tactics and if he stays we will be going through all this again. kro and look forward to next season with hopefully new owners.

  8. Leeds fan here.
    I went to the match last Saturday with my mate. We met up with a Bluenose friend of a friend called Mick in The Spotted Dog ( what a great pub). Then off to a Box at St. Andrews. We have a great day out and we thank you for your hospitality on and off the pitch. Well done for staying up today. I know our fans aren’t usually the best of friends but well done for staying up.
    See you all next season.

  9. I turned on the PC to check results in the other hemisphere about 30 mins ago with a sense of trepidation – I really thought we’d be down. It is excellent that we are not and next season can only be better (Surely?, please?) Well done Blues, well done Clark. Excellent, excellent, excellent !!!!!!!! KRO!!
    PS: Not winning at home since October and staying up must surely be some kind of record too????

  10. Thanks for that comment Mike. I have a couple of Leeds fans mates.

    Kiwi, I can imagine what must have gone through your mind lol.

  11. No wingman, just a point of view. “Perfect” in that passion and commitment, bordering on insanity, define our club. Not as if there’s not a long queue of managers waiting to manage a selling club with no money, rotating loan players and absent owners.

  12. I couldn’t watch/listen, first I knew was Facebook message, “Lucky, lucky boys. 93rd minute equaliser!!”. I need to remember to turn that off too 😉 KRO

  13. I couldn’t speak when Caddis scored – I think I’d have burst into tears. The thing was, it felt as if the whole future of the club was at stake. Relegation could have meant no new owners, administration, ten point deduction, Fourth Division. Not as happy as when we won the Cup, but more emotional. From disaster to new hope in fifteen minutes.

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