Sir Jack Hayward

sir jack(Image used courtesy of Wolves FC)

I know this is a Blues blog, and I know there is rivalry between ourselves and Wolves, but today I’d like to put that to one side.

The Wolves fans have lost someone who was the key in the turn around at Molineux. We all remember the days of the Wolves languishing in the bottom division with a ground that was basically falling down. Sir Jack helped change that. His finance, passion and commitment allowed the side to develop into a Premier League side as well as developing Molineux into the modern comfortable stadium it is today.

Sir Jack was also someone who was very generous. I didn’t realise, but listening to Pat Murphy’s tribute on BBC Radio 5 Live last night, apparently he donated to a number of places. These included donating to the Falklands to help redevelop their hospital after the Falklands war, he helped the preservation of Lundy Island and the SS Great Britain, and donated to the Battle of Britain London Monument. The final one is unsurprising, as Sir Jack was a fighter pilot during WW2.

So on behalf of the Blues fans associated to Joys and Sorrows, I’d like to offer my condolences to everyone associated to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club and to Sir Jack’s family and friends.

RIP Sir Jack.



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10 Comments on Sir Jack Hayward

  1. Thank you for this. Its good to know that rivalries can be put to one side to recognise a great man who Wolves as a club (and many others) are indebted to, literally.

    RIP Sir Jack.

  2. A very fitting tribute, many thanks Kev.

    RIP Sir Jack

    @nicko – yes, he allegedly spent approximately £100m of his own wealth on the club, and ensured the people who paid the tenner had Wolves at heart.

  3. Im a bluenose but realise just how passionate Jack was about his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers. He rebuilt the club after the dark days and saw them in the premier league. I only wish our owners were as passionate about Birmingham City. RIP Jack Hayward

  4. Nice tribute to great man.
    With clubs for the most part being bought up by investors, speculators and the super-rich who see it as nothing more than a play thing, I fear his like may become a thing of the past.
    RIP Sir Jack

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