An Amazing Play-Off Story

I have mentioned lots of times that I live in Devon, obviously that does curtail my opportunities of following the Blues. After living in Plymouth for over 25 years prior to moving to Okehampton, I have a soft spot for Plymouth Argyle. So on Monday I traveled with some friends to Wembley to watch the division two play off final.

Obviously from an Argyle perspective, the occasion was a disappointment after getting beaten by AFC Wimbledon. I thought I would blog about this, because in the same season that Leicester City incredibly won the Premier League, Wimbledon now find themselves in the 3rd tier of football. Of course they will now face up to Milton Keynes Dons, the team that the original Wimbledon became.

The “new” Wimbledon were formed in 2002 by supporters, with the new side commencing life in the 9th tier of football. This happened after the FA gave the green light, (sorry Argyle fans!), to the original club moving to Milton Keynes. I remember at the time thinking how incredible that was. I would have been furious if I had been a fan of the club.

AFC Wimbledon’s rise has been amazing. In just 13 years they have risen to the League Division 2, six promotions. During that time they also set an amazing record of the highest run of unbeaten games in senior football – 78 games!

This isn’t a new phenomenon for the club. In their original guise, they were promoted from the old division four to the top league, (then Division 1), four years after being in the bottom league. They became a no-nonsense direct football side, consisting of many no-nonsense players like Vinny Jones, Dennis Wise and old Blues favourite Mick Harford. Of course they are best remembered for winning the FA cup in 1988 beating Liverpool 1-0 and that produced the famous commentary of The Crazy Gang has beat the Culture Club – a reference to the band who were in the charts at the time.

I know this isn’t Blues related, but I thought it is an amazing story that a club that is less than 15 years old is now in the 3rd league of professional football.

I wish AFC Wimbledon well, (except if they play us!) Do the double over MK Dons next season!



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