Takeover to be Completed on Monday

Well were are almost there. On Monday morning, the takeover of BIHL will be complete. Daniel Ivery of Often Partisan, has kept Blues fans up to speed with the progress of events for many many months. I want to thank him for the meticulous way he has followed the story and kept us up to speed. Of course he has managed to get to Hong Kong too, which helped the accuracy of his blogging.

His last 2 blogs can be found here and here, which basically tell us that Monday morning Trillion will own BIHL and therefore the club. I won’t repeat what Daniel has written, you can see for yourself – but I will add that we now have an opportunity to move on from the sorrow and pain that has occurred since CY’s initial arrest. Hopefully we will see some investment to strengthen the squad in January, and even if it maybe too late for this season – hopefully we will be able to compete for promotion next year. (May be we will be able to this year, and that would be brilliant.)

Anyway, once again – thank you for keeping us up to date Daniel.


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3 Comments on Takeover to be Completed on Monday

  1. Finally. Although I know nothing about the new owners so I will be looking forward to official announcements from them or the club to find out what their plans are.

  2. At last!!!!

    Yes Daniel has reported and been to Hong Kong, but he hasn’t actually made any difference or told us anything we did or did not know…. the club and the stock exchange have confirmed the details.

    #MoveForward #KRO

  3. I think that is really harsh John. Daniel provided a lot of back story information that bought breadth to club statements. Also he provided the clearest road map, and kept updating it, of what would happen and when.

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