Not a View From the South Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest

So Bazza couldn’t make the game today, and Russ who NORMALLY goes, had to put family first. (Go figure!) Living in Devon, I was unable to travel today either, so no J&S presence for a write up so I will just give some thoughts. I have no tales about travel, because no train, car or bus journeys were required, I just sat in my lounge. Also no food to consider. I had already eaten some beans on toast lunch time, and didn’t feel like anything else.

After the great result of not losing last week, yes I know – just saying, it was important that we got something from today’s game. We obviously had a number of first choice players out, which is never helpful and even more so when you are in the position we are.

So to my take then. I did what I normally do when I can’t go, I put Jeff Stelling and his mates on Sky Go and had the rugby on the TV.

Let me get the rugby out of the way first. Great result by England, Eddie Jones seems to have done a brilliant job. The game wasn’t without controversy though. The Aussies scored two tries, however they were both disallowed. One was a definite the other was a bit 50/50. Shame. Lol. It was pretty close going into the last 10 or so minutes, but the Aussies went to sleep and England capitalised. So 30-6 looked like a thrashing, it was closer than that in truth, however England took their chances and therefore got the 30 points.

I was a few minutes late putting Sky Go on, and I was astonished to discover we were 1-0 up already with a goal from Che. The reports from the game on Sky indicated that Forest were the better side but Blues were digging in well and looking like they could counter.

That appeared to be pretty much the pattern according to the reporter, however we clearly did something right because we ended up with a clean sheet and a victory. We seem to play better and get better results from sides higher in the league, so this bodes well for the next 3 games! I hope this boosts confidence for the team, the coaches and the fans. It sounded like the crowd were brilliant today, to be honest as usual, which must have helped. Let’s stick together, stay behind the lads and hopefully we can start moving upwards.

Baz, hurry up and come back!


Ps our competition is still active until Monday.

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8 Comments on Not a View From the South Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest

  1. Kev I actually thought we were the better team today forest had more precession but done nothing because we pressed them up the pitch dutch mike brilliant davis best game of the season Roberts and dean won everything grounds never put a foot wrong che adams could of had a hat trick and Gallagher worked his socks off jota tried hard but gave away the we had team spirit which has been missing kro

  2. Thanks Niko. That’s the trouble depending on reporters.

    To be honest it wouldn’t have bothered me if Forest had 99% of the ball and all the shots, the only stat that mattters is the goal stat.

  3. Don’t you mean possession Nicko? 😀 I’m a bit stymied for the next few games but hope to be back early December. Life is getting in the way of football at the moment; who would have thought it? The only thing that spoilt Saturday was Vile winning but you can’t have everything can you? Great post Kev!

  4. Thanks fellas. I missed a really important part of the day, clearly my attention to detail isn’t as good as Bazza. So I will correct that here.

    Basically I stupidly forgot the details of my beans on toast. So for the record of accuracy I did in fact have grated cheese and Worcester sauce on them. I hope that clarifies and I promise to do better next time.

  5. thanks for the update kev ..I live in Thailand thereore don’t get to see many games though she utd game is n tv next week ….was amused when you mentioned (was it tongue in cheek ) the fact “. We seem to play better and get better results from sides higher in the league” as the majority of teams are higher than us all bodes well…..but totally understand your thoughts …lol thank you again for stepping in …Maurice ,,,,,the optimistic pessimist or is it the other way round

  6. Ha ha, no probs mate. I was thinking more top 10 sides. Our results have been superior against them compared to the ten teams above us. That’s what I meant.

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