Monk’s the Man!

Just 24 hours after Steve Cotterill’s reign at Blues came to an end, the club have moved quickly to appoint the ex Leeds and Swansea man as manager.

Monk started his managerial career at Swansea. He was manager for 77 games where he won 28. The win ratio was 38% with him losing more than he won. However at his next club, Leeds Utd, his ratio was 47% with him winning 25 out of the 53 games. His last club was Boro and although he was only with them for 26 games, his win ratio was similar to Leeds. I think Blues fans would take a 47% win ratio right now!

Of course it is typical that with Monk’s last side being Boro, that they are our next opponents on Tuesday at St Andrews. New manager bounce anyone???

So starts a new era, and to be fair to the board – unlike last year where they nearly left it too late, this year they have acted quickly to change things. However in my blog this morning, I commented that we have had 5 managers since December 16. In fact my mate Nat summed it up – we have had 5 managers in 15 months. It took 15 years to cover our previous 5! As a result, regardless if we do get relegated, this guy needs to be given the chance to build his own squad. that can take 12-18 months and so a minimum of 2 years is needed.

Garry welcome to the Blues – just to warn you, things are never easy here. Although to be fair, you have had experience at Leeds – so just may be, you are ready for us!


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2 Comments on Monk’s the Man!

  1. Well Bazza, the white smoke has finally appeared from the St Andrews chimney and unsurprisingly, the new head of the royal blue church is a monk.

    As I posted last week, I felt that a change was needed, it’s just a pity it didn’t happen weeks ago. Whether or not Monk turns out to be the right choice will only become clear in the fullness of time. I personally, am quite optimistic about his appointment. There are enough games left to still save the season, but we have to start picking up points fast.

    With Cotterill at the helm, I honestly couldn’t see where the next point was coming from. Now, let’s hope it’s on Tuesday.

  2. Yeah as I said in my manager musings blog, Steve’s time had come. Isn’t it funny how many times the fixtures work to be the first game of a new manager is their previous job. 3 points against Boro would give everyone a lift.

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