Some Thoughts About Football Betting

Points to keep in mind before placing any football bets

I was asked about betting on football recently. Now I have to confess, I never have! It got me thinking, how would I go about it if I did. So if you’re planning bet on football matches, here are some things that I think may be you should keep in mind. Just like an investor always does a fair amount of due diligence before investing his/her hard-earned money, you definitely should research. Check form, what has happened the most etc.

While it goes without saying that you should bet only with reputed and trustworthy bookmakers like Sbat, (specialising in the Premier League and top European football), there are few more important things you must consider.

Team updates

Regardless of the importance it holds in football betting, you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t pay heed to it at all! A large number of people simply rely on hearsay when it comes to final line-ups of the football teams.

Carry out some simple Google search or simply visit websites like BBC, Sporting Life etc., and you’ll find ample information related to the concerned team.

Recent form

Although it’s a pretty obvious thing for football bettors to consider, evidence suggests that they bet solely based on the name and reputation of the team. If we think back about the 2009-10 season, markets had priced Liverpool as strong favourites solely based on their reputation and history, without taking their poor form into account. It is important that you go over the last 5 to 6 matches of your team, and also find out if it had had won in home or away matches.
Head-to-head performance

Often times you might want to back a team in very good form, as it’s going up against one which isn’t. But it’s important that you also factor in the previous matches they had played against each other, to understand how easy it would be for the ‘perceived’ favourites. Of course, when it comes to a Derby, the form book can be neglected in entirety!

Weather conditions

If you’re keen on betting on goals markets such as over and under 2.5 goals, it’s important that you pay good attention to the weather conditions. If the match is happening in the winter season, the chances of snow and/or rain can impact the pitch quality. Everyone knows that it becomes extremely hard to play and score goals in such weather conditions.

Motivation level

This is a difficult one to determine sometimes. Clearly if a side is going for a trophy, motivation will be high. However at the end of the season, like now – some teams have nothing to play for and a team looking to preserve its status, MAY result in an unusual result.

Finally, remember – when the fun stops – stop!

Of course you could just keep your money in your pocket!

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  1. I’m betting my house on BCFC winning the Championship next season. Of course, it’s only my Monopoly house, but it’s as close as I’d get to betting on Blues getting to the pinnacle. Even if we’re safe this season – which is no dead cert – we never do things the easy way. In fact, we’re probably equally likely to finish second and fourth from bottom. I just hope we’re not flirting with relegation again, this time next year. Bring on Sunday, and an early Blues goal, to settle the nerves. In fact, bring on an early Blues hattrick, please, as the early Blues goal against QPR did nothing in the end. Cheers for the advice Kev. It’s all true to be fair, whenever I speak to betting friends, they rarely seem to make sense. Heart ruling head?

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