Change In Comments

A couple of bits and bobs regarding the blog.

- First of all comments will now be vetted by myself or Kev before they appear on the blog. I will not allow the comments section of this place to become a playground for childish tit-for-tat arguments and sniping about who is better than who… (better than whom? Never sure.)

- The poll section is also currently broken and I’m unsure as to why. I’ll get around to fixing that eventually so for now, feel free to look and admire but don’t touch! Like in an ‘expensive’ shop when you were a kid, perhaps?!

- I’m still looking for people to write regularly for the blog. If you’re interested, contact me via the contact page in the top right hand corner. I have 2-3 articles from people who give up their time to post and I’ll do that now. I can’t thank them enough and like always, I’m behind on posting their efforts. Apologies to all!

- Finally, my email. I can still receive but can’t send. Unsure as to why. More stuff that needs fixing. I really wish I was better at managing my time. I seriously tried to read ‘Time Management For Dummies’ once – they were giving them away on Freshers Day at college – but I couldn’t actually find the time…

I would say thank you for your patience but that would assume that you’re still reading and still being patient. I sincerely doubt that either of those assumptions are true.

- Aff

Ironing Out The Problems

I know there’s still a big, black gap at the bottom of the blog that needs filling, I know that registered users still can’t leave comments and I know that you may not have gotten a reply to an email that you may have sent me… these things are all on my To-Do list. A list that would’ve been considerably shorter had Mrs Aff not caught the ‘Girl Flu’ and had me playing the caring, considerate partner routine…

Last month was a good month for Joys & Sorrows despite the blog being away and Blues not having the best of months. The forum saw that busiest month ever in terms of posts and people were still sending in articles to help get the blog back online. That sort of stuff is really appreciated and I’m glad that J & S has a solid and knowledgeable community who make both the forum and blog great places to be.

As well posting like mentalists, they also opened their wallets and donated almost £200 to a local charity. It was decided at the beginning of December that we would, as a forum, donate some money to local charity at a time of year when money is traditionally tight. We chose SPoCC – The Society of Parents Of Children with Cancer – a Birmingham Children’s Hospital based charity that do exactly what it says on the tin… the donation page is still open (I’ll probably close it at the end of February) and you can find out more about it and donate by clicking here.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had people send in some articles – the latest being from Bazza, creator of the popular ‘View From The South’ articles. I’ll post his latest offering shortly – Note that it was written before the Huddersfield debacle.

Hello Again

First of all, let me wish you all a Happy New Year and say that I hope you all had a fantastic festive period. I certainly did although I’m not relishing the idea of going back to work tomorrow.

After a couple of weeks worth of delays, laziness and putting it off, I’ve gotten around to a bit of a redesign of the blog. It’s not complete yet but I wanted to get it rolled out to show that this place isn’t dead and that I’m still interested in running a decent Blues blog.

So here is… the new design. What do you all think? Comments welcome.

I’ll update more over the next few days with plans for the place as well as what’s been happening on the forum over the Christmas period. It’s been a busy month.

- Aff

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You have arrived at the archive site of the Birmingham City blog Joys & Sorrows. If you were looking for fresh, meaty stuff then this way, please.

This section of the site covers the blog portion of J&S from 26th April 2006 - when the site returned after a catastrophic hosting failure causing the loss of over 500 articles - to 28th April 2008 - when I decided to have a prolonged rest from the site.

Here, if it so takes your fancy, you can find every single article, totalling over 1,000, written by myself and many others over that two year period.

Unfortunately, the formatting on some of the posts is a little rough but since this is an archive, it doesn't matter too much. Nothing is unreadable although a great deal of the links will now, sadly, be broken. So internal Joys & Sorrows links will lead you to 404 errors.

I decided to archive them in this way because I wanted to start something fresh for the main part of the site. Hopefully you'll be able to see that up on the main portion of the site now.

Commenting for the archive section has obviously been switched off. You can flick around the archives by using the 'Find It' function in the middle column or the respective 'Categories' or 'Archives' headings in the sidebars

- Aff, 03/08/08.