Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Time for a new poll. My problem: Do I start a poll about Bruce going to Wigan or Yeung and his reported inability to raise the funds necessary to raise the cash to buy the club?

Since Yeung has until next month, it’s probably wise to do one on the current manager.

Answer on the right hand side now: Do you want Bruce to stay or go to Wigan?

The last poll saw 120 votes with 43% saying that the main reason for us not having accumulated as many points as we should’ve done is sheer bad luck. 24% blamed Bruce’s lack of attacking flair, 18% saying that we didn’t spend enough in the summer and 15% saying that we’re just quite simply not good enough.

Oh, by the way, it’s good to see people signing up and commenting on blog posts recently. I’ll dive in and have a look through as soon as I’m done with this.

(And oh, if you’re looking at the right hand side and thinking “The poll doesn’t say anything about Brucey, Aff’s forgot to update it!” I haven’t. It might take some time to appear due to the caching system this blog uses.)

Lack Of Points – Why?

I think most people are in agreement that so far this season, we don’t have as many points as we should have. Steve Bruce certainly thinks that we’re playing well enough without picking up the points that we deserve. So why exactly aren’t we where our performances merit?

Is it because of Steve Bruce and his lack of bottle in picking a side – and more importantly tactics – capable of going onto the pitch and winning?

Sheer bad luck? The McSheffrey offside goal at Blackburn, the ‘foul’ at Manchester City, the holding down of Doyle on the line versus Sunderland and the penalty against West Ham?

Perhaps it’s the fact that we simply haven’t spent enough and the old adage that if you pay peanuts, you get a monkey is coming back to bite us. Have the board simply not given Steve Bruce enough money to compete so it’s inevitable that we’re not going to be good enough to beat sides who have outspent us by as much as £20-30m?

Or do you think that we are about where we should be based on the performances so far this season? New poll on the right hand side, vote now.

The last poll – which ran for far too long – saw nearly 160 votes with 45% saying that they were happy with Bruce’s shopping during the summer although the budget should’ve been bigger. 22% said that they thought Bruce had done “brilliantly” with the finances available whilst another 22% said that the budget was never going to be big enough to attract the quality required. Just 11% thought that Bruce could’ve done better within his given budget.

One Or Two Things…

Just a couple of things regarding the blog…

- The content and upkeep of this place has been absolutely terrible over the last few weeks. Apologies for that. I’ve been having to deal with one or two things away from the blog. Hopefully things will be a bit more normal again from now on. I’ve caught up with a lot of things behind the scenes today and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a sign of things to come.

- Comments – I’ve had to turn public commenting off. I don’t have the time to manually go through each and every comment and unfortunately, there have been some incorrect accusations aimed in my direction so therefore, I have decided that membership is the best way for people to comment on articles here.

I’ll post more details tomorrow on how to go about commenting if you still wish to. Meanwhile, I’ll point you in the direction of the Joys & Sorrows forum. It’s mainly run by Kev and a sterling job he does too.

- I know quite a lot of you have signed up with the Fantasy Premier League fantasy football game. Games like that are fairly popular and we’ve been invited to start a league at Signing up is free and you can win £10,000! Why not have a go? Click here to sign up.

- New poll on the right hand side. Do you hope Blues go on and capture the signing of Mido from Tottenham Hotspur? Vote now.

The last poll saw 160 votes with 45% thinking that we’ll just about survive, 35% thinking that we’ll end up mid-table, 8% think we’ll go down and the other 12% need mental help!

- Finally, Blues take on Peterborough United at London Road tonight (Tues.) It’s the featured game on Radio WM. No commentary but regular updates for those who can’t be there tonight.

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