Another Prediction

I found this link on a messageboard. It suggests that Blues will finish second in the league and is a pretty good and honest assessment of what people outside of St Andrews are thinking. A lot of people I’ve spoken to suggest that we’re one of the sides to beat and a lot of people have us down as certain promotion favourites.

The only people who aren’t so confident seem to be those who will be there on Saturday.

The ‘Real Ball’ Is Almost Out

I decided to stick this in the ‘Predictions’ section because we haven’t got Mark Lawrenson to look forward to this season and I didn’t want this section to get too lonely.

I found a few links on the Beeb site that talk briefly about Blues and what is expected of us during the coming season. I figured I’d post them just in case people haven’t noticed them.

- Fabrice Muamba: One To Watch

- Championship Form Guide

- George Burley Talks Championship Football

Happy reading.

Lawro Predicts – Bolton Wanderers Vs Birmingham City

Well here it is ladies and gentleman. Our Premiership swansong. Can we go out in style and actually win a game and score a goal away from home? No, according to Lawro. He thinks that Bolton will take it 2-1 and describes Blues season as a “nightmare”. He isn’t far wrong.

You can read the rest of Lawro’s predictions here.

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