Gold : Blues Are Not A Selling Club

David Gold has spoken out on Steve Bruce and the selling of players in an interview on Sky Sports News. According to Gold, we are not a selling club and Blues will do everything they possibly can to keep hold of the best players at the club.

Gold stated that players out of contract will be given the choice of staying on with the club or going to play in the Premiership. Gold is realistic on the idea of people staying at the club and suspects that it’ll be tough to hold on to the jewels in the squad.

It’s an interview that seems to be at odds with what Karren Brady said at the AGM just a couple of months ago. The AGM suggested that Blues were likely to suffer a shortfall of £5-6m and that the money would be made up through the sale of one, or possibly two, of the club’s star assets as well as a huge reduction in the wage bill by the non-renewal of at least 8 contracts on the playing staff.

Jermaine Pennant and David Dunn would be two of the players that would possibly attract bids from the Premiership but both players have previously stated that they are more than happy to stay on our demotion to The Championship. Matthew Upson and Emile Heskey would probably be the other two sellable assets but that idea has been somewhat derailed with the news that Matthew Upson will be out for 6+ months.

The idea of Blues trying to hang onto all of it’s best players is a pleasing one but by now Blues fans will be used to hearing such information from the board. Each year we receive letters about £10m+ players and international stars signing but it never happens. Even Emile Heskey didn’t cost the £6m that the board have made us believe that he did. It’s astounding the number of supporters who quote that price for him.

Time will tell what will happen with regards to the squad but I certainly wouldn’t hold out much hope if one of the bigger clubs came in for Pennant and possibly Heskey if we can cut together a DVD of Emile’s head on Ronaldinho’s shoulders.

Blues In For Bircham?

More transfer rumours. It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth when we’re being linked to players just under 1 day after our relegation, eh? But such is the speed of the footballing world at the moment I suppose.

The Sunday Mirror has reported that Blues are interested in signing QPR’s transfer-listed midfielder Marc Bircham. Bircham is 27 years old and has represented Canada fifteen times at full international level. He has made over 120 appearances for QPR and scored seven league goals.

You can read more about him on his personal website as well as on this QPR site.

Derby And Southampton In For Cunningham?

That’s the rumour in the Daily Star today.

Kenny is out of contract in the summer and is free to talk to any club he wishes. Blues might well try and convince the influential (but aging – he’ll be 35 in June) centre-half to try and sign a short-term contract for an attempt at bouncing straight back up to the Premiership.
Kenny’s been one of the better performers over the last four years in the Premiership although the last year or so have really began to show signs of him losing his legs. I wouldn’t mind seeing him stick around for another year – especially if the rumours of Blues signing Leicester City centre-half Patrick Kisnorbo turn out to be false.

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