Bruce Speaks

There was a press conference yestereday. Blues took the opportunity to introduce the new signings as well as get a few quotes from Bruce about the upcoming season. I tend not to copy and paste great strands of quotes from articles since… well… what’s the point? I’m trying to create something different here!

But I do and will link to them. You can read the quotes on the official Blues site by clicking here or a slightly different set from Ian Clarkson in the Birmingham Post here. And whilst I’m in full-on link mode, you can see the players first day back in training by clicking here.

“Maybe last year I was guilty of looking after the players that had served the club so well.”

Guess who?! Yeah, Brucey.

I know that slight admissions like this are going to do no good whatsoever for the anti-Bruce brigade out there. But for me, it’s a sign that the bloke is learning. Let’s be honest, he’s not going to stand up and produce a big list of things he did wrong although, for me, quotes like this show that he, privately, believes that he messed things up last season.

All up, I’m glad that Brucey is still here. Not based on one quote but based on the fact that relegation hurt us all and none of the supporters could see clearly. We were far too deeply involved. The board, I honestly believe, have made the correct decision in keeping Bruce but trying to go in a different direction.

*Puts tin hat on*

Feel free to disagree… I know Steve T will! Ha!

Blues Set To Sign Centre Half?

Ian Clarkson has revealed that Blues, as well as West Bromwich Albion, are sniffing around released Charlton Athletic centre half Chris Perry.

“We are looking to bring at least one more player in and we are in discussions as we speak. We expect, or hope, to do something in the next couple of days.”

I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve read that over the years with Brucey in charge. A couple of days usually means at least six months!

Blues and Albion are battling one another for a number of centre-backs over the summer with both having already missed out on David Weir who chose to stay at Everton. Rumours suggest that Albion have put in a bid for Tottenham Hotspur centre-half Calum Davenport. Blues put in a bid last week.

It now looks like the two Midlands clubs will seek talks with Perry although Bruce’s quote above seems to suggest that we’ve stolen a march on our Yam-yam neighbours.

Perry, 33, has clocked up nearly 450 appearances for Wimbledon, Tottenham Hotspur and Charlton Athletic. He certainly fits the experienced mould that Bruce is trying so desperately to fill after the departure of captain Kenny Cunningham.

Nico Goes Home

The Blues site has announced that Nico Vaesen, 36, has joined Belgian side Lierse. The player is officially out of contract at midnight tonight and has taken the opportunity to go back home to give something back to his homeland.

“I want to still show something to Belgium. I stood on a cross-roads of my career. I thought about a return to Belgium already but Birmingham’s relegation accelerated that decision. As a result, I was suddenly free and chose to go to Belgium.”

Nico will best be remembered for his tremendous penalty save in the shoot-out with Norwich City that saw Blues promoted back in May 2002. The likable Belgian represented Blues on 63 occasions.

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