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Posted on September 22, 2007 
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Welcome to a new weekly column here at Joys & Sorrows. Every week, young forum user ‘Jay’ has kindly agreed to write a piece for the blog. I asked him since he’s the most optimistic Blues fan I know. He reminds me of how I used to be… I think the blog could do with a bit of optimism and Jay will certainly bring that. He follows Blues both home and away.

We hope to have a piece here every Friday. His first offering is below. Be kind!

Firstly I will start with the game against Bolton last weekend, for once this season we got a decent crowd, and got a result.

I thought that during the game, the boys played really well, a high tempo, hard-working performance in the middle, and we seemed to try and counter them quickly, which was encouraging.

What really stood out for me was the spirit that the players were showing, they were running all over the place, working for each other, putting their foot in and trying so hard to get forward.

Overall, a really good showing and Larsson for me was the outstanding player of the day, covered every blade of grass and he is getting better and better.

After the events of Saturday, the attendance, the performance and the 3 points, I think everyone associated with the club should be very happy, and hopefully going into the clash at Liverpool, everybody is in good spirits.

My only gripe with all of this is that we don’t push for more goals when we get that goal. Bolton looked scared at the back on Saturday, but as Bruce always does, he sits on that lead. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bruce is doing a very good job, but I think you only have to look at some of our biggest and best wins to see that you have to push teams and attack them to score goals, I think if we are going to get anything at Anfield, we need to be positive and press.

The way to do that for me, initially is to play the same XI this week, although I think Bruce will change it, I can see Oubina playing instead of Muamba, and Kapo being replaced by Johnson if he is fit, otherwise I can see a Nafti-Oubina-Muamba partnership in the middle.

I just hope we don’t sit back and get tanked 7-0.

Moving away from the actual ins/outs of the games against Bolton and Liverpool, another interesting story for me is that of David Gold and Mushroom-gate.

Personally I think that Gold is spot on, the thing is, as he said, he is going to be mostly, on his own in this attempt to reduce prices. Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea etc. will simply not reduce their own prices by 20%, they fill their grounds anyway, be it with tourists, their own fans or just neutrals.

Although, I do hope that Gold, Yeung and Sullivan do the same as they did against Bolton many more times this year, as the atmosphere was so much better.

From a fans point of view, I think they will back Gold in large proportions, and now he has come out and publicly called for a price drop, I think there will be a rather large backing from fans across the 4 leagues. Hopefully something will come to fruition by next season.

Moving onto Saturday, Liverpool away. They really have started the season well, but we do have a half decent record at Anfield, 2-2 draw, 1-0 win, a win here and there at home also.

I think that we can really get something from the game, Liverpool got mullered at Portsmouth last weekend, and looked rather shaky at the back. I think a lot rests on how Rafa rotates his side, if he goes all out for a home 3 points, we could be in a spot of bother, but I can see a few players rested and with Blues full of confidence I am going for a 1-1 draw.

Some people may be surprised at my optimism but why not be positive? We are 12th in the Premiership, level on points with the boys from down the road, and we seem to be improving. So, let’s get behind the lads, the manager and the board and enjoy the weekend, hopefully taking a point or three from Liverpool in the process.

Have a Good’Un!


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