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Posted on November 2, 2007 
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Another week chocked full of good news and cheer for the youthful Joys & Sorrows optimistic blogger known as Jay.

Hi everybody, sorry for the lack of articles in recent weeks. I have been rather busy with college, work and whatnot. But I am back at last.

First of all I would like to start off with the win over Wigan last week. What a game it was! It had everything, goals, fouls, drama, ups, downs and of course, 3 points for the Blue boys. Again, I was at the game last week and thought it was a great game to watch. Of course we had the bad points, such as the defending at times, but overall I thought we actually played very well, we controlled the game and scored 3 goals. Brilliant. Another plus point was the crowd and the atmosphere, I think the fans got behind the players brilliantly and the noise when we scored the 3rd was brilliant. It is about time that we get the atmosphere back at St. Andrews and I am delighted that we are starting to make home games intimidating again.

Another plus point from the crowd was the chanting for Steve Bruce. I joined in as I have backed him since we he turned it round against Derby and WBA last season – And I think a lot of the fans have seen what a brilliant job he is doing this season. There have been quotes in the paper about how he appreciated it and I think he should – A lot of fans were patient with him last season and he has re-paid us with his signings and the way the players are going about their business this season.

Next up, Daniel De Ridder. Well, as I have only seen him in the flesh for 5 or so minutes at Chelsea and against Wigan I can only really give a first impression. And that impression is – Awesome. He looks like the player we have lacked for a long time, a winger that can beat a man time and time again, cross a ball, and work his socks off. He looks like a real prospect and I think the closest thing we had to him was Pennant, and I think De Ridder can be twice the player Pennant is. I hope that Bruce can nurture him and make sure he gets the best out of him, whilst also keeping the kid happy at Blues and make sure he doesn’t get snapped up by one of the bigger clubs.

Moving onto something of humongous proportions. Aston Villa at home, 11th November. I can’t wait myself, the banter has already started with my mates and the bets have been placed. I hope it lives up to the hype it has been receiving from fans of both clubs and I expect that it could be a brilliant derby, only if Blues win of course. There isn’t much more to say on that matter and until full time I don’t want to brag too much.

Moving onto a match closer than Villa – Everton tomorrow. I don’t really expect a fat lot from Goodison Park, Everton are a very good side, with quality players like Arteta and a man we all know very well Andy Johnson. They have looked solid at home when I have seen them and I think it’s a game that will be similar to Man City away. I think with Villa coming up, it’s worth looking back at our form over the years before the Villa game. We have never beat them at home and won the previous game in the Premiership!
I’m going to be optimistic as the title says and go for a 1-1 draw. Jerome bagging the goal.

I’ll wrap up this weeks article by talking about the sad news of Wilson Palacios’s brother being kidnapped in Honduras. There isn’t much I can/want to say on this matter as it should be treated with care. All I want to say is that I hope for the immediate and safe return of his brother and that he has the best wishes of every single Birmingham City fan and every single person that knows of this news.

So that wraps up this weeks folks!

Have a good weekend. Keep Right On.


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