View From The South – What Do You Think Of It So Far?

Posted on January 9, 2008 
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No readers I’m not going to go all Morecombe and Wise on you and shout RUBBISH! On the whole, we’ve done OK but there is no doubt that we could and should have at least six or seven more points than we have. A combination of missed opportunities and some simply appalling refereeing decisions have cost us points. I won’t dwell too much on the officials since the ineptitude shown at times simply should not have mattered.

Blues have had enough chances even given our lack of fire power to have risen above such shortcomings and if you add to this plain and simple fact that we contrived to put in our two worst performances against Middlesborough away and Bolton at the Reebok it is not difficult to see why we find ourselves with only 19 points at just over half way in the league programme. We lie 16th at present, a position I felt at the start of the season where we would probably finish up although admittedly this is at the lower end of the range I estimated. (13th – 16th)

The recent run of games have highlighted where we stand in the Premiership. We failed to beat Reading because of a stupid back pass resulting in a needless penalty that allowed them an undeserved point. (same for the West Ham defeat come to think of it!) The crossbar then saved them twice – Two points gone the way of all things. At Bolton we were truly abysmal with three gift wrapped presents presented to an opposition that were rubbish too!

Middlesborough, were equally generous on Boxing Day, thank Heavens, allowing us an easy 3 – 0 victory. The Fulham game was spoiled by a gale of a wind that virtually scored their goal for them but poor defending contributed. As for Old Trafford, well I didn’t expect to get anything else but beat but somehow feel disappointed that we didn’t prise a point away from the champions.

Good performances are fine but are use nor ornament if you still get nothing from them. Still, only losing 1 – 0 was far better than I had expected. My lowest moment was the final sixty seconds at Goodison Park where we threw away our hard earned point and conceded not one but two goals in that nightmare period.

So it’s on to January and the transfer window. Key acquisitions at this time of the year can undoubtedly make or break a season. Examples include one Christophe Dugarry who transformed us into a side that survived easily from one that was likely to have to scrap for our collective lives.

One cannot let this pass here without mentioning Harry Redknapp’s miracle act in saving an appalling Portsmouth side from deserved oblivion with it seems to me, the purchase of a virtually new team! OK they rode their luck but we contributed to our own downfall with a series of expensive loans and signings that failed to live up to their billing. I steadfastly believe there are at least five or six teams in the Premier League that are worse than us. I will not list them since I am sure most of you know who these candidates are and I see no merit in rubbing the noses of the long suffering supporters of those sides in it.

So what do we need? (The following represents the personal view of the author and bears no relation to Birmingham City Football Club PLC’s policy now before or in the future etc etc etc plus any other disclaimer, legalese b*****ks!):

First of all, whomever we buy or get in on loan, PLEASE make it so that they can pass a football 5 – 10 yards to a team mate! We are the third worst team in the league for pass completion – 66% and this explains a lot as to why we cannot win games consistently.

Defensively, we require more height and pace starting with two centre halves. Jaidi is off the African Cup of Nations and is not a long term solution anyway leaving us with Ridgewell and Schmitz who are simply not a good enough combination. Our defending from set pieces is brittle to say the least. We also need another left back, a perennial problem for as long as I can remember.

Our other acquisitions should be a classy attacking midfielder like Dunn who has never been satisfactorily replaced. Our other urgent need is a top quality out and out striker to provide more goals – another perennial problem. Any other areas strengthened would be a bonus but those five players whether loaned or bought are an absolute must. Without putting on rose coloured spectacles, I think Blues will be OK but if this were an end of term school report the phrase “Could do better!” springs to mind. I hope and believe with our new manager and his undoubtedly proven coaching staff that better times can be expected – let’s hope so eh?

Happy New Year Bluenoses.


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