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Posted on March 27, 2008 
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Is it just me or has it been a bit strange since Alex McLeish, Roy Aitken and Andy Watson turned up? I was reading some articles today [#1, #2, #3, #4, #5] and it got me thinking. We’ve been consistently not getting our just desserts whilst conceding stupid goals as well as spending most of our time either in, or just above, the dreaded relegation zone.

Since McLeish and his assistants turned up, we’ve played 17 league games, won 3, drawn seven and lost seven. This has included games at home against Newcastle United, Derby County, Fulham and Reading as well as trips to Reading, Sunderland, Bolton Wanderers and Newcastle United. I’m not suggesting that we should’ve won all of these games nor am I suggesting that we have any sort of divine right to beat such sides. But overall, I think you’d look at games such as these and note that if you have genuine aspirations of staying in the Premiership, you need to pick up more bags of three points here than not.

These eight games have yielded just four points. In the process, we’ve conceded 13 goals and scored just six.

Okay, we’ve performed well above ourselves in other games and beaten Spurs twice (netting seven in the process!) and drawing twice against Arsenal and had one or two other good results under Big Eck. But for me, the bread and butter is games against the sides around us and our record in such games is well below par and – dare I say it – well below what we’d come to expect from a Steve Bruce side.

And in case you were wondering: Since Bruce has joined Wigan, they’ve played seven games against fellow strugglers and managed 13 points whilst scoring seven and conceding the same – four of those in one game not long after he’d joined, too. I’m not comparing Bruce to Big Eck here or saying that we’d have been better off with W’or Brucey in charge or that all of the results mentioned are down solely to the manager.

With Bruce in charge, I had expectations and things that I’d gotten used to. Being one of the better sides near the foot of the table was one of the things I’d taken for granted. We always seemed to pull out results – especially at home – against sides around us and it was always the most solid of bases to build from. Many things culminated in our relegation such as taking our eye of the ball with the new stadium, Bruce’s inability to notice that he’d become paralysed by fear, too much talk, too little action, the inability of Bruce to see that several of the squad were past it etc, etc. However, before that, Bruce had a tried and tested and solid formula. We knew what to expect and we knew what realistic ambitions we had for the game ahead.

With McLeish in charge, that seems to have gone… perhaps I’m on my own here and you’re looking at your PC monitor with your mouth open thinking “What is this plum on about?” but stick with me. Despite the lack of points against sides around us, I can’t remember being this excited about Blues for a long time. We’d become, as a club as well as a side, trapped, scared, stunted and dour.

I’m not sure whether it’s because McLeish will try and win games or because we haven’t settled down into some sort of ‘routine’ under McLeish but from one game to the next, you never know what to expect and that, in some ways, is a great feeling to have. We’re still to work out what McLeish’s strengths and weaknesses are and he’s yet to fully understand and appreciate us as a club and the squad at his disposal.

But this wasn’t really a blog about what McLeish still has to learn or how he measures up against Bruce. It was about the positive atmosphere and philosophy that he insists on everyone at the club having. The articles linked above show what I mean and I’m desperate to see that continue. It’s nice to support a club where most people involved are positive and ambitious in what they want to do.

And that doesn’t just stem from the manager. The whole playing staff regularly speak openly, honestly and most of all – positively -about playing for Blues and what needs to be done. Players like Sebastian Larsson, Mehdi Nafti, Fabrice Muamba, Mikael Forssell and one or two others exemplify exactly what modern day footballers and role models should be and it would be a crying shame if this team was broken up. I’m proud to say that they play for Blues and I’m pleased at the positive and forward-thinking nature of the manager and how he commands his troops.

What I’m trying to get across is that McLeish is trying to install his stamp on the club as well as his style on the team and if the positive energy that I’m feeling is typical of that of my fellow ‘noses then what shall we be like as a club if he keeps us up and makes sensible purchases in the summer? I’d like us to be able to beat fellow strugglers with regularity like we did under Bruce but if dour 1-0 wins and the feeling of tedium and lack of progression was the price, I think I’d prefer us to be on the current rollercoaster ride thanks…


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