Birmingham City 1-1 AS Nancy

Posted on July 30, 2006 
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Just over 7,000 turned up to see Blues take on the French Cup winners.

Now many sites have, over the past week or so, been referring to our visitors as “the Nancy boys”. It’s an obvious joke and one that isn’t really designed to be funny I don’t suppose. However it’s one that couldn’t be avoided when Blues ran out alongside a team playing in bright pink. Oh dear.

Martin Taylor was dropped in favour of Olivier Tebily and Mehdi Nafti made his first pre-season appearance partnering Neil Danns in the middle of the park. David Dunn played out wide left and Captain Jonty played wide right. Jerome got the nod ahead of Campbell to partner the Forss up top.
Early on Blues fans were left holding their breath as David Dunn suddenly clutched his leg. A couple of shouts to take him off weren’t heeded by Bruce and Dunn, after 5 minutes worth of hobbling, went on to play the full ninety minutes.

The first chance – and in fact the first goal – went to the visitors as some slick play down the Blues left led to a simple tap-in for Landry N’Guemo. Zero supporters to cheer the goal, just the sound of hands on head as we wondered if we’d ever see a Blues goal at home ever again!

We needn’t have worried. Less than ten minutes later and we were level. Some neat work between the front two led to Forssell turning on the edge of the box. The centre half got his clearance in but it bounced off Forssell and into the corner of the net. Bit of a strange one and it looked much better than it was from block seven since my eyesight’s not the best!

Nancy knocked the ball around nicely and on occasions looked dangerous coming forward. Bruno N’Gotty looked imposing in the centre of the Blues defence and Olivier Tebily showed that he has lost none of the strength required to be a centre half in this division. I felt a lot happier with Tebs there than Tiny.

Nancy were also keen to try their luck from long range whilst Blues tried much more to work the space and earn themselves good chances. Dunn went close with a free kick and Jerome forced a good save out of the Nancy ‘keeper.

Half time : 1-1

The second half wasn’t much to write home about. Plenty of substitutions interupted the play and the game never really got going. The crowd entertained themselves with chants of “No noise from the Nancy-boys” as well as “Are you Pennant in disguise?” as Jonty fired a cross straight into the Tilton from the right wing.

My mind wandered around and the final whistle was a relief as a bunch of chavs decided it would be funny to think up as many songs as they could with swear words in them not far from where I was sitting. Songs such as “Get into ‘em! F**k ‘em up!” isn’t very intimidating coming from the mouths of people who’s voices are higher than the Empire State Building.

The only real moment of note in the second half came when Cameron Jerome burst down the Nancy right and into the box. He couldn’t make up his mind whether to play in Forssell or shoot. In the end he run into a dead-end, much to the annoyance of those in attendance.

Throughout the game I felt like there was some frustration with Jerome and some of the things he did. Overall I don’t think there’s too much wrong. He’s only 19 and he doesn’t mind putting himself around and doing a bit of leg-work. I hope the fans give him enough time to really adapt to his new surroundings.

Overall, good value day out for a fiver.


8 Responses to “Birmingham City 1-1 AS Nancy”

  1. tipratz on July 30th, 2006 7:51 pm

    Sounds like we were sat in the same area, brucy did give them a wave mind.

    Sadler looked good, nafti & forsell looked sharp…

  2. snashy on July 30th, 2006 8:36 pm

    Brucey still worries me.Don’t think he could recognise a good striker if he fell in his lap.Forget the old uns Sutton and Mcbride – get Mcshaffrey in to complement DJ and CJ- that would be something to pay to watch,

  3. Steve T on July 30th, 2006 8:54 pm

    Nice and positive from you Aff but I felt we showed a lot of the same problems we had last season.

    We struggled to keep the ball, we still tended to hoof too much and no one from centre midfield really got forward to support the front two. The same pedestrian build up was also in evidence for a lot of the time.

    Although Danns did OK for someone who scored 17, or whatever he did, last season he must have a hell of a shot to get that many from the half way line as he seldom crossed it ;-) I have a feeling though it was all down to tactics as even Dunn barely got out of our own half once he moved into the centre.

    We also had absolutely no width. DJ was atrocious on the right only managing one cross all game, and a poor one at that. He also kept coming inside so the middle of the pitch was very crowded. Dunn played OK but again he is not a winger and always looks to cut in making everything very narrow.

    Again the full backs we caught out of position a lot and a chip into the corners caused panic, I thought that would end with Mario going.

    A few positives came out, Dunn and Forssell looking closer to their old selves. I though Nafti did a good job, took no prisoners and looked to get things moving. Plus N’Gotty looked solid. All in all though for me there was still too much that was similar to last season, despite the new faces the style and tactics largely remain the same.

  4. Luintious on July 31st, 2006 8:04 am

    Solid match report Aff. N’Gotty looked really good apparently and that’s a good sign with the season just a few days away now. It was good to see that Dunn did not have a serious knock. Thankfully it was just a Nancy player stepping on his foot that’s what talkSPORT said anyway. I always thought that DJ may have trouble on the right.

  5. Tipratz on July 31st, 2006 9:37 am

    We did look like last season still imo.

    Lacked creativity to break the team down, did we have any real shots ? Never looked like scoring (same point), tebily seemed the main culprit in hoofing it from the back….Midfield went missing too often.

    Hopefully jerome will get better but never seemed to have a final product when he got the ball & a few bad touches…Forsell looked the big plus to me.

  6. aidwon on July 31st, 2006 10:20 am

    The style of play looked pretty similar to last season but I’m really pleased were going with two forwards this time. However, my vote’s with Campbell for number 1 striker, even thou i went with Forsell in the recent pole. Campbell really got busy when he came on and everything he did looked so positive. If I was a defender I’d hate trying to track his movements.

  7. Spud on July 31st, 2006 6:30 pm

    I was in the exact same area, infront of the senior chavs, and to the left of the mini chavs.
    I thought N’Gotty looked very imposing and Tebs made some great challenges, he’s never going to have a great pass on him though is he? Sads and Kelly got better as the game went on as did Danns (very quiet 1st 10 mins!). I actually thought Danns was our best player overall on the day. Neat touches and strong into the tackle. Dunn showed signs of his old genius, and Forssell and Jerome looked like a good pairing (although Jerome needs to learn to get round the back of Forssell for flick ons, as he was too often stood watching when the Forse got a flick on).
    Great game by Nafti on his first game back.

    My problem is, we look like great battlers, but surely when your meant to be favourites for a league, you should go at teams all guns blazing, and with a major lack of width for us…. I just can’t see it at the moment

  8. Jem P on August 1st, 2006 11:43 am

    I went as well, and agree Nafti looked good. Also, I don’t see how Dunny can play anaywhere esle but Centre Mid, he looked a class above anybody else when he moved to the middle. Nafti and Dunny for me on this evidence

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