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Posted on August 3, 2006 
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I found this link on a messageboard. It suggests that Blues will finish second in the league and is a pretty good and honest assessment of what people outside of St Andrews are thinking. A lot of people I’ve spoken to suggest that we’re one of the sides to beat and a lot of people have us down as certain promotion favourites.

The only people who aren’t so confident seem to be those who will be there on Saturday.


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  1. Scott Hayes on August 3rd, 2006 3:15 pm

    They also said we were too good to go down last season

  2. Luintious on August 3rd, 2006 3:51 pm

    “However, the midfeild area seems to lack strength”.

    I find that hard to belive everything else I agree with but this bit. I’d say we have got a midfeild better than some Premiership sides and most opposition fans seems to think so too.

  3. Mears on August 3rd, 2006 3:59 pm

    I think with Dunn, Nafti, Danns and Jonty,and with Clem, Gray, Muamba, in reserve we looking solid im midfield,

  4. Luintious on August 3rd, 2006 3:59 pm

    They state that West Brom will come in 1st position WTH is going on there?

    Shure West Brom have kept most of their squad together but this was a squad Blues beat numerous times in the Premiership so I don’t see how they should challenge Blues. Blues still have kept the spine of the team and that’s the most important.

  5. lister on August 3rd, 2006 5:01 pm

    we do have a strong midfield, even without Dunn, but Brucie does not know how to make use of it! Not sure that Macsheff is the answer, but we do need another good centre forward, and as it stands we lack width in the midfield. Thats less of an issue in the championship, but having it would make a big difference to the comfort zone.

    My biggest concern is that Mark Lawrenson puts us down for automatic promotion – that would be the kiss of death.

  6. Luintious on August 4th, 2006 8:13 am

    I’m still optomistic that Blues will finish in first position. It will be pie in SkySports face if they get it wrong.

  7. cliff on August 4th, 2006 10:06 am

    I think we will struggle, the midfield is physically small and we seem to lack ideas in the reports I have read about the friendlies. I hope I am wrong but I think this could be a long season.

  8. Kym Smith on August 4th, 2006 3:06 pm

    I have to say I don’t think it will be as easy as a lot of people think – sorry chaps.

    Statistically, we only have a 1 in 4 chance of coming straight back up, and the Baggies have already experienced bouncing back, so they know completely what they are up against.

    However, whether they will manage it remains to be seen.

    I will be surprised if Sunderland make the grade, as they have a lot of rebuilding to do and may find at least the first half of the season pretty tough as well.

    On Radio 5 this morning, someone made the comment that there are currently FIFTEEN ex-Prem teams in the Championship at the moment. That could make things tough for a lot of teams.

    If we do get off to a flying start, then I’ll maybe think again, but tradition says that this is the toughest league of all to escape from.

  9. Yiannos_Cyprus on August 4th, 2006 7:19 pm

    We are going to celebrate the championship this year.We have the most strong defence of all teams and also we are a young team thirsty for football.Tomorrows score 3-0.
    Thats all from me.

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