To Bruce, Or Not To Bruce

Posted on October 31, 2006 
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Another article by Chris.

For a long while, I had been a pro Bruce person. I was in the catergory of fans that were saying ‘give him a chance to prove himself in this league’. I’ve always been the sort of person to find positive aspects in every situation. When we were relegated, I was saying that maybe this wasn’t the end of the world, but more an opportunity to re-build. I think Bruce did well in the summer with his wheeling and dealings, although I’m still not 100% convinced on Danns or Jerome. I think the players we got rid of on the whole, were the right ones, and the likes of Mcshevchenko and Kelly look like being good additions.

Right, now for the concerns… you just knew they were coming! Although I can’t pinpoint the precise moment this season, there was a point where I finally lost my rag with Steve Bruce. I had been fighting his corner for some time and although I seemed to be in a minority at the time. The main reason for my recent lack of Bruce backing is down to his comments about us, the fans. To often has he come out and lambasted the fans and the support and money we bring to the club. The recent outburst that not enough of us are turning up to support them… well Bruce, if you earned a realistic wage, like the majority of fans, and not the mega bucks that us fans pay you, then you might also feel that £28 to watch kick and rush football is too much. Not only is it too much for kick and rush football, but its also too much for Championship football in general. He also lambasts the ‘minority’ of fans who have been booing at the games. For me, if they have paid there money, they can express their feelings in whatever way they feel.

The one that really got me though, was the comments he made about how he made this club what it is, and before he came here, we were languishing in the middle of Championship, pretty much proclaiming himself as the Messiah. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was one of the many that was singing his name at the time, but why on earth does he feel he needs to put himself on such a pedestal?

Is he setting himself up for yet another fall? (like the one where we had the best ever squad in the clubs history, and yet still got relegated). I used to always find Bruce to be an honest and likeable character, but his recent egotistical comments have made me think less of him. I sometimes cringe at the comments he makes and find myself getting wound up when he again, slams the fans.

I would love him to keep this current run going, regardless of how we play in those games, and keep churning out those wins. At the end of the day, for me, it doesn’t matter how we go up, as long as we do go up. I’m not one of these fans, who would now like Bruce to fail. I’d love him to succeed, but I’d also love him to give us some more respect. OK, maybe he talks about the ‘minority’, but what I don’t think he realizes is that those minority pay just as much money as the pro Bruce section and are therefore allowed to voice their opinion in whichever way they choose.

I will admit that the atmosphere inside Stans is nowhere near how it used to be, but what have we really had to sing about in the last couple of seasons? The slow decline (which just happened to be around the same time that Bowen left) of the club had seen us go on one of the worst runs of form I can remember and end up in relegation. I want to be able to go to watch Blues and see us play how we used to when Bruce first came. We were a team that no-one wanted to play against, we made it difficult for the toughest of teams. Not so long back, were we unlucky not to have won at Stamford Bridge, and we should have come away from Highbury with a point, had it not been for Cunningham getting sent off (still say that was a dodgy decision).

The tide does seem to have turned slightly, and we have gone on a mini run. I’d like to see us get something from tonight’s game at Coventry and continue our run and keep the confidence flowing.

Another thing I’d like to see Bruce do, would be to explore the foreign markets a bit more. OK, I love the fact that we are a very English club, and have a vast number of English players in our club, but when was the last time we unearthed a little gem from abroad? Its been a while hasn’t it. Maybe Jose or Pesch were the last real gems we uncovered, I can’t think of any recent ones, that’s for sure.

Whatever the outcome tonight, I await Bruce’s after match comments like a young nipper, who has just received his Xmas present from an Aunty who always buys crap gifts. You just never know whats going to come out, but whatever it is, it’s bound to be both annoying and memorable.

Can we have our old Bruce back please?!


10 Responses to “To Bruce, Or Not To Bruce”

  1. cliff on October 31st, 2006 3:43 pm

    Could not agree more, Bruce used to be so normal but now seems to think we owe him something! He has longer than any manager I know considering the performances, still not convinced but happy to be proved wrong

  2. Tom Davies on October 31st, 2006 4:42 pm

    Didn’t do too bad with Christophe though to be fair!

  3. Che Optimiste on October 31st, 2006 4:50 pm

    playing devils advocate a little,

    i find it interesting in the same article you are saying fans won’t pay to watch kick and rush football yet later proclaim you don’t care how we do it as long as we are promoted.

    in essence this is the crux of why so many dislike bruce, there is an image that we play poor football, and when we lose this is heightened, yet when we win for many not all this is overlooked.

    in an ideal world we’d play stunning football and beat everyone, but as arsenal have shown that isnt always possible, and as man utd and chelsea show a little bit of graft and hard work can be better, and as bolton are continuing to show, playing to a system albeit not pretty can breed success.

    in many ways it comes down to what you want from being a blues fan, do you want a successful team, an attractive team or do you just want to be a blues fan no matter what.

    call me deluded but i dont care whether we string 20 passes to score or 2, if 11 players go out there and give their all im proud of them win lose or draw.

    against norwich that didnt happen and i thought bruce had lost them, but being at derby and then the albion game, they showed that battling quality again, long may it continue, but if it doesnt it doesnt matter, cos ill still be there every step of the way.

    if you can afford it, and have no other committments then you should be there, almost ten thousand regular supporters have disappeared, in many ways thats just fickle, you dont have to be a bruce fan to support the team and watch games

  4. Gary on October 31st, 2006 5:08 pm

    I think what Chris means is that we should be getting these players into our academy and nuturing them from an early age like Arsenal do. Bendtner’s been at Arsenal since he was 16yrs old and look at him now! The young lad Krysiack seems like a shrewd signing for us though but i agree we need to be hot on the heels of new talent whether foreign or not but hopefully our new academy chief will sort that out. Bruce was loyal to us when Newcastle came knocking a few years back. I think he deserves the backing of the fans for the loyalty he has shown to us. No he doesn’t jump however high the media says he should which i think is a sign of a strong character. Lets be honest its the media that dictates whether a manager gets sacked or not nowadays. They just want a story and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon including the board!. Lets be honest, if we dont get promoted this season change will happen, but I want Bruce to be the one that gets us back up. Blues isn’t just a job to him he loves the club and i believe he really cares about it’s well being. He will be the first to walk away if he thinks he can’t take us any further but he believes he can and so should we.

  5. lister on October 31st, 2006 5:38 pm

    Dugarry was great, until he signed the contract. Another one that Bruce fell out with?

  6. Mick on October 31st, 2006 5:49 pm

    I’m a Brucie fan too, and don’t want to see him to go too soon. Although after the Norwich debacle I did think the board may have thought enough is enough.

    But I too have been angered by some of his comments lately -the latest one being the away fans being the ‘real’ fans.

    I don’t think this is the best way to try and win back the majority of the fans who, although may be quiet at home games this season (probably because we havent being comfortably winning any of them!), have not completely turned against him.

    I must admit I was expecting a difficult start to the season, however instead of starting poorly and improving, we started ok (results were good if not performances) and slowly got worse. This was the main reason for fans slowly getting on his back.

    However maybe its time to give our support more vocally to both the team and the manager, maybe it will ease the pressure that is so obviously getting to Brucie (hence the comments) and the players (hence the performances).

  7. Chris on October 31st, 2006 6:20 pm

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying Che Optimiste, I won’t pay £28 for a championship game again regardless of how good were playing. I can afford it, but I refuse to be put to ransom by the club I love as I have other things that I can be paying for. I would dearly love to be at that ground every game, but for that price, I just feel it is too much. You can’t even call me a glory hunter, as I was there through all the Fry and Francis times, and was even a regular under Cooper. I’d be happy paying £28 for a premiershipe game, as I feel that is about the right price for that quality of game. £20 for this league would be about right for this league if you ask me.

  8. Stew Jackson on October 31st, 2006 6:48 pm

    The problem is, if you’re only paying £20 a seat in ‘this League’ you, as a big club, will inevitably lose some of the ‘quality’ from your squad. As a neutral, and one who has seen most of the teams in the division this season, Birmingham look to have a superb squad. Bruce is obviously talking down the personnel he has – “We had to rebuild, Albion have still got their Premiership squad” – but they ought to be able to finish above everyone. I think they will – but I don’t see how getting rid of Bruce will help that cause. I really can’t see anyone better for the job…? You’ve had a sticky patch but everyone will at some point. Cardiff definitely will because their squad is so threadbare…

    Anyway – all the best for the season…

  9. paul on November 1st, 2006 12:17 am

    I’m glad we won tonight and regardless of what I think of Bruce, I’d love to see him tutn it round because that would mean promotion. However when it comes to loyalty I think Bruce can question the Blues fans integrity. We have put up with rubbish for that two and a half years and for me Liverpoo 0-7 is as low as Altrincham. Remember, we were two games off the cup final, at home against a team who hadn’t beaten us for two seasons and we got thrashed, no humilated. Nobody seemed to have any sense of shame,just utter indifference. That in itself was a resigning matter.
    Heskey seemed to epitomise what was wrong with Blues last season. Overweight and underpeforming.
    Bruce is right when he says we were nowhere in the championship when he took over but has ever heard of deja vu?
    Francis took us to a cup final. Against Liverpool. remember? And weren’t we the better team?
    Fat Bazza took us up. Terry Cooper got us out of Division 3,when everbody was saying we’d end up in the fourth division and that oaf, Gavin, thought it was funny to take this piss out of our predicament. Jim Smith won us promotion; so did Freddie Goodwin but they were all sacked.
    Steve Bruce was hired to take Blues up and to establish us in the premiership as a club with credible European ambitions. Five years on and millions of pounds later we are back where we started.

  10. Che Optimiste on November 2nd, 2006 11:49 am

    chris you’re misunderstanding what im saying lol.

    whatever spin you want to put on it you are being fickle, you would pay it to watch us in the prem but not in the championship yet you have watched us many times in the championship before.

    you are effectively saying you will be a supporter when we play the big teams, what im saying is there are 18,000 of us who will be supporters no matter who we are playing and where.

    if you couldnt afford it then fine, but you’ve admitted you can you just choose not to go, thats your right but you have to accept you are being fickle.

    it doesnt matter how long you’ve been a fan, how many times you stood on the kop watching terry cooper pick his own son, what matters today is are you prepared to support this team and this club with your money and voice now.

    derby was £28, and so are a few others, its not you who decides what the going rate for championship football is, clubs have bills to pay no one at this level makes a profit.

    being a football supporter is not easy, and it certainly isnt being a bluenose, but its about sacrifices and a love of the club that keeps us going back, as a long time fan who can afford to go i urge you to come back to st andrews, if you let down your anti bruce guard, forget for 90 minutes those dreams of the prem, you may just enjoy yourself and get to watch hard working honest players mixed with some of the brightest talent around.

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