League Considering Shoot Out Bonus Points

Posted on March 15, 2007 
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Just typing that headline makes me feel queasy. It sounds so American and such a remarkably daft idea. For those of you who have been on Planet Zog for the past couple of days… here’s the story.

I’m hoping that it’s just an ill-judged Comic Relief mickey take and that on Friday night live on BBC 1, they’ll quote the URL’s of all the websites that ran the story across the bottom of the screen bringing me untold hits along with fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, I think that it’s actually a serious proposal.

Not surprisingly, the idea has been well and truly panned by those in the Football League – and even Neil Warnock waded in to tell Lord Mawhinney exactly what he should be focusing on. It’s absolutely no wonder that football is in the state that it is when this seems to be the most important topic on the agenda of the Football League and these ideas are being proposed by those at the very top.

How about fighting the FA / Premiership into giving up a bit of cash and making sure that clubs a lot lower down get some of the oodles of dosh that is so badly filtered at the moment? Or showing off to the Premiership about what a competitive top division they have and how football in this country would be truly great again if the Premiership had such equally matched teams?

The plan is nonsensical anyway. It wouldn’t encourage attacking football since teams could actually be rewarded more for playing negatively. I could just imagine a team coming to St Andrew’s and defending for its life whilst we do all the attacking… they nick a 0-0 and then beat us on penalties. They therefore take 2 points to our 1 regardless of the fact that we did all the attacking? It’s utter stupidity beyond words.

I remember being in Australia in 2004 when we nicked a 0-0 at Arsenal. My dad sent me the tape over so I could see how well we’d played to nullify the Gunners. I tried to explain what was fantastic to my Aussie relatives but they didn’t really get it… they’re used to games like Cricket, AFL and Rugby League where scores are nearly always high and boundaries, goals and tries are regular features. The idea of 90 minutes worth of sport with no winner was beyond comprehension. I thought it was superb. I sat, transfixed for ninety minutes whilst we threw ourselves in front of shots and chased the ball down like tigers, applauding enthusiastically each time we got a block in.

The draw is a great staple of the game and something that fans of other sports seem not to grasp. We revel in pinching a draw when a defeat was looking more likely and we often see a draw as a victory when the odds are stacked against us… in fact, some of our best results have been draws and the 2-2 up at Liverpool in our first season will always be a special memory.

I expect the decision to go with the majority on this one. Leave it the way it is and stop trying to ruin our game further.


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  1. devonblue on March 15th, 2007 4:32 pm

    It aint broke so there’s no need to fix it.

    Just because some of our clubs are owned by Yanks now there’s no need to pander to there more stupid ideas.

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