At the moment I’m going to focus purely on Blues links on this page. If you run a Blues site and you’d like it listed here, feel free to contact me.

BCFC Fanzine – A Blues site ran by John in sunny Marbella. The site has lots of Blues related information, downloads and is updated when any decent sized Blues story breaks. A happy way to spend an hour or so. It also has a kick-ass graphic in the upper left-hand corner!

Blues Forum – The official forum of our beloved club. The forum is a busy place and good stuff can be found there … if you’re prepared to dig through 100’s of posts worth of not so good stuff. The admins there work hard but the rules are not clear and it seems to be one rule for one and one for another. It’s hardly a consistent place to be.

Blues Magazine – This is the website of the official Blues magazine. The magazine and site is run by Blues fan Ian Drew and the site contains a place to subscribe, links, a forum and information about advertising in the magazine. You can contact Ian about featuring in the magazine via the site.

Blues Muse – A site run by John Baker from Idaho in the US. The site has more information and pages than is reasonable to wish for on any one website! It has all the latest news via links, personal stories, funny graphics and lots and lots of information. The site is nicely designed and a pleasure to amble through. – The first of two BN1 forums that I’ve come across in recent times. A fairly popular phpBB Blues board. It took me ages to join since each name is vetted by the apparently paranoid admin team. Despite my best efforts to get in contact with the admins there, I failed and it took me well over a year to register! I couldn’t get a feel for the place and haven’t posted much but it’s worth a look if you’re after Blues chat. – From what I can tell, this was the original BN1 and has recently come back after some time away. It seems friendly and very busy and uses the brilliant InvisionPB software. The site, as it’s the new kid on the block again, is undergoing a bit of redecorating… if you click the link, prepare to be met by a skin that feels more at home on a Sci-Fi board than a football one! (although at the time of writing, it’s spectacularly green in celebration of St Patrick’s day) Worth a visit.

Keep Right On – Keep Right On has recently been taken over and is alive and kicking again. It’s actually updated now and has all the old features and the same content that used to make it such a good site when Duncan Adams first started it back in 1998. Back then – and for many years afterwards – it was easily the best Blues site in the web.

At the moment, there’s quite a few broken links but the old archive content is still there along with new stuff such as good competitions and a video clips section. The message board is as busy as ever. Worth a regular visit as the new lads in charge try and revive a popular and good site.

Official Blues – I’m only including the official site since I’ve included the Blues mag and the official Blues forum. The site is basically there to let Blues fans know what’s happening with the club – although it doesn’t do a very good job. It’s useful for ticket information and buying Blues stuff online and that’s about it. The rest of the time, it seems happy to recycle local newspaper stories and promote special offers with any one of the clubs 7,934 official partners.

Singing The Blues – The BCFC section of the FootyMad network. The design isn’t very stand-out since it’s part of a network but all of the latest Blues news can be found here.

There isn’t much that gets past STB and if you’re looking for the big news down to the smaller stuff, you’ll find it here. Also has guest writers who provide a very unique view. SkyDaz does match previews whilst Ron does match reports. The site also has a great deal of information about the club down the left-hand menu and many a feature that other Blues sites don’t have.

In short, despite being part of a network, a very good Blues resource.

Small Heath Alliance – The site is run by Andy and the main part of the site is the forum. It’s always busy and always has something interesting to read. It’s 500 MPH all the time and can be very difficult for a new user to get to grips with things. The rest of the site is mainly Blues related links as well as a very useful Blues news section where the news from the best Blues sites around is syndicated into a single feed.

Tired & Weary – Tired & Weary seems to be mainly a Blues news site. It has little unique content and seems to post mainly news that can be easily sourced and almost copied from other sites. However the design is a novel and funky one! The news can be found via a time-line system and it has some excellent unique Blues wallpapers available for download for free and some sort of feature that lists the Blues squad as ‘Trump Cards’. The ‘Chat’ link leads to the Keep Right On forum.

VBB Football – VBB Football is a site that covers the Villa, the Albion and Blues. The articles seem to have lots of unique content even if it isn’t updated daily. Each team has its own forum and they look relatively busy.

Vital Blues – Another Blues network site. It has recently been taken over by Kym Smith (of BBC Blues Blogger, MIB, Joys & Sorrows, Redditch FM and Birmingham Hospital Radio related fame!) and stories are now being churned out more regularly than ever.

WM-Collective – The Collective was established in 2003 and also covers Blues, Villa and Albion. At the moment the site is under construction (and has been for some time now). However, the forums are still going and each team has its own section.


You have arrived at the archive site of the Birmingham City blog Joys & Sorrows. If you were looking for fresh, meaty stuff then this way, please.

This section of the site covers the blog portion of J&S from 26th April 2006 - when the site returned after a catastrophic hosting failure causing the loss of over 500 articles - to 28th April 2008 - when I decided to have a prolonged rest from the site.

Here, if it so takes your fancy, you can find every single article, totalling over 1,000, written by myself and many others over that two year period.

Unfortunately, the formatting on some of the posts is a little rough but since this is an archive, it doesn't matter too much. Nothing is unreadable although a great deal of the links will now, sadly, be broken. So internal Joys & Sorrows links will lead you to 404 errors.

I decided to archive them in this way because I wanted to start something fresh for the main part of the site. Hopefully you'll be able to see that up on the main portion of the site now.

Commenting for the archive section has obviously been switched off. You can flick around the archives by using the 'Find It' function in the middle column or the respective 'Categories' or 'Archives' headings in the sidebars

- Aff, 03/08/08.