Why Birmingham City Will Not Make the Play-offs

November 26, 2012 14

Baz called me this weekend, to say he had been looking at the league and thinking about our play-off chances. He thinks we can’t make it this year and has put the following blog together explaining why he thinks that. The basis of it is on the graph he has Read More


Not a Cock-up…Coventry Preview…

August 26, 2012 3

MR BLUE SKY VS MR SKY BLUE Made in Brum’s Barnet editorial mentioned a conversation Big Dave had with Terry McDermott.  Our assistant manager suggested that he wanted Blues to be knocked out of the “Capital One” Cup as soon as possible.   Now, in a way, I sympathise, in that it’s Read More


Clark to be Confirmed as Blues New Boss?

June 26, 2012 9

If the media outlets are correct, Lee Clark will be confirmed as our new manager today or tomorrow. His name has been the favourite to replace Chris Hughton for a number of days so isn’t a surprise. However the pending announcement hasn’t created the same buzz as the appointment made Read More


One Chrissy Hughton

June 7, 2012 17

Norwich have confirmed CH as their new manager. I am disappointed he had decided to go, but not surprised. It must be difficult to try and plan to build and strengthen a squad with the uncertainty around Carson Yeung and having the embargo because of the lack of accounts. The Read More


It’s Time!

May 9, 2012 22

It’s time to put aside all talk of off-field issues It’s time to forget the near misses, the goals that weren’t and should have been, the penalties we should have had and the ones that shouldn’t have been given against us It’s time to not concentrate on the poor performances, Read More

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